Rajya Lakshmi is emotionally blackmailing Vikram

Intinti Gruhalakshmi: The TV serial Intinti Gruhalakshmi continues with a good concept. Let’s find out the highlights of what happened in today’s March 2nd episode of this serial which is airing with the concept of a woman who separates from her husband and fights alone for her family.

Vikram avoidant behavior worries rajyalakshmi in todays intinti Gruhalakshmi serial gnr

First Published Mar 2, 2023, 8:47 AM IST

In today’s episode, the patient’s mother came to Divya and asked if the doctor found him. Divya says she will return this money to him somehow. Divya says he ran away from behind when you were talking to him when you asked if he has come, ma’am, we have CCTV cameras to track him, I will report him to the police, says Divya. On the other hand, Vikram goes home in the car happily remembering Divya’s words repeatedly. On the other hand, everyone is waiting for Rajya Lakshmi at home.

Then Vikram goes inside and calls mom, but no one speaks, so Vikram is tensed as to what happened. Then they all accuse Vikram of doing something wrong. Then Vikram says that you made their uncle cry and hurt your mother, and Vikram says that I will never do that. Then Tala said a word and told Vikram that no one should say anything and he should not be sad and Sanjay says that it is not the same and Rajyalakshmi shows her love.

Rajyalakshmi says father, don’t listen to anyone’s words, you have not done anything wrong, go and come fresh. Vikram asks if you are hiding something because of Vikram’s pain, there is no life in your smile, you are saying that you have done something wrong. Then if I don’t tell the truth, it will be on me. Vikram thinks about all the things that have happened. Rajyalakshmi says that you forgot to give me carriage for the first time.

Rajyalakshmi tries to blackmail Vikram more emotionally by emotionally blackmailing the little thing. Then Rajyalakshmi’s brother, tell me why you forgot, Vikram thinking that it is something that cannot be said. For whatever reason you have done this now, Vikram’s uncle keeps saying to make Vikram even more scared that your mother is afraid that she will alienate you tomorrow for the same reason. Vikram says I will never be away from mom, if I am away then it is like I am away from myself that day.

Rajya Lakshmi says that I know about you father but that fear is haunting me. Everyone is talking about making Vikram mad. Then Rajyalakshmi’s mother blocks the sentiment and makes Vikram speak more emotionally. Vikram gets emotional believing Rajyalakshmi’s words to be true. Sanjay’s uncle and in-laws are all laughing as the mother recites four or five sentimental dialogues. On the other hand, while Divya is doing her work, she is repeatedly thinking about Vikram.

Divya is thinking about Vikram saying that someone gave me two lakhs for a mistake that the madman did not make and talked to me. Meanwhile, as Tulsi comes there with milk, she is thinking in her mind that oh dear, you have escaped, where will you go now. Divya asks how is the job, leaving aside the job, you have changed a lot. Divya says when Lasya aunty is talking about my marriage relationship, my mother used to interrupt and stand by me, like that you are silent.

Divya says marrying a daughter means giving another life to a daughter, studying or not, your life is an example of how much trouble a girl will face if she gets married, you are my role model, you are the one who needs to be warned, is it new if you rush to get married? Tulsi says that I have not come to open you for marriage, I have come to persuade you to look at the wedding. Amma says that I am a child, but I am not a child, believing Chandamama’s stories.

She doesn’t want to get married and her mother says, “Would you like to marry again?” Divya says that my father’s close friend’s son listens to me and asks me to agree to the wedding ceremony. Divya says you will agree to the marriage even for the sake of my father’s honor. Tulsi says I won’t say anything, I promise you I won’t interfere with whatever decision you take. Tulsi says if the boy likes you then I will not stop your decision. Divya sends Tulsi to tell her about her son-in-law, okay mom, go and go to bed.

On the other hand, Rajya Lakshmi Vikram knows who is not more than me, but who looked so beautiful that she forgot even her mother in the hospital, she is thinking that something must have happened. Then Vikram comes there with food and Rajalakshmi thinks that love is still there because he brought food. Then Rajya Lakshmi sheds a thief’s tears which makes Vikram more emotional. Then Vikram believes that Rajyalakshmi’s magic spells are true and feeds her gorumuddas.

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