Ram Charan walking around with a stick – Upasana, mega couple on babymoon trip

Ram Charan, who arrived in America for the Oscar Awards ceremony, is roaming around with Chetta Patta with Upasana. Amarys are being shared with fans.

Ram Charan Upasana Babymoon Trip In America

First Published Mar 8, 2023, 6:50 AM IST

Ram Charan, who arrived in America early for the Oscar celebrations and Triple R promotions, gave a little break to those activities and allocated time to his wife who was about to become a mother. Spending time with Upasana.. He is traveling all over America wearing wooden rails. Shopping, dinners.. the mega couple is going around. When the video of this babymoon trip was shared on social media, it went viral. Mega fans are happy to see this video. So what is in that video..?

Ram Charan is treating Upasana like a queen. The two are taking a stroll together in an open top car. That car was driven by Ram Charan himself. After shopping, Upasana Darjaga was walking in front..carrying the goods..Rama Charan was walking behind..the two of them..dinners together, sight seeing and many more. couple Ram Charan is busy with Triple R promotions. Allocating time for his wife like this is impressing mega fans.

And when it comes to Triple R.. this movie has already won many international awards. Most notably, Golgen Ggob won 5 Hollywood Critics’ Choice Awards and the most awards after the Oscars. The song Natu Natu was nominated for an Oscar in the original song category. Oscar events are going to be held on 12th of this month. Natu Natu song is going to be heard live in this event. Rajamouli has been staying abroad for a long time for Oscar promotions. They are making RRR premieres there…they are making RRR jump in Hollywood.

RRR has already received many praises from Hollywood celebrities. Famous directors like James Cameron of Avatar fame have praised Rajamouli saying that this movie is amazing. It is a great honor for Tollywood to glorify Ram Charan’s performance. It is said that RRR is guaranteed an Oscar in this program itself. Let’s see… Oscar buzz.. Tollywood fame.. Will it rise to Hollywood..?

Last Updated Mar 8, 2023, 6:52 AM IST

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