Ram Charan’s film Orange is getting ready for re-release, and what about the release of Magadheera..?

Recently, the trend of rereleases has increased. On the occasion of the birthdays of the star heroes, they selected their landmark movies and re-released them. Many movies have already been released and got good response. Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s Orange movie is also getting ready for re-release.

Ram Charan Orange Movie Re Release For Mega Power Star Birthday

First Published Mar 18, 2023, 11:15 AM IST

Orange is an unforgettable movie in Ram Charan’s career. Apart from its result, the movie has strongly attracted the youth. Thirteen years ago, this movie gave accurate information about the love trend in advance. There is no need to say more about the orange songs. Haris Jayaraj’s music is a hit. Not one or two..all the songs in the movie Orange created a sensation. Bloomed in every lover’s mind. Wherever I looked, I heard the same songs. Orange song is still heard in youth parties. So mesmerized.

After a huge movie like Magadheera, fans could not see Ram Charan in such a love story. The movie was not able to meet the hype brought by the songs in it..the movie was not understood properly by many people..the screenplay was damaged and Orange flopped. Anna is such a flop movie.. This movie has remained a favorite movie of many people. After all, even Ram Charan, when asked which is his favorite movie, always says Orange. Charan revealed his love for this movie on many occasions.

And this movie is once again getting ready to entertain the mega fans. On 27th of this month, Ram Charan announced that he is going to re-release the movie Orange on Bharthar Day. However, the producer Sai Rajesh has announced that the movie will be re-released all over the world. With this, mega fans are excited. Before the original Orange, Magadheera was released on the occasion of Ram Charan’s birthday.

Not only that, Geetha Arts also made an official announcement on social media that the movie Magadheera is going to be released. But in the Magadheera print… due to some technical errors… it seems that orange has been selected. Audiences are currently expressing their opinion that it would have been better if Magadheera, which is related to Charan and Rajamouli combination, is re-released. Some fans are disappointed because they are not able to release it even after announcing it earlier.

Orange movie will be re-released. Genelia acted as Charan’s Jodi in this movie directed by Bommarillu Bhaskar. This movie is produced by Mega Brother Nagababu under Anjana Productions banner. Nagababu had previously revealed that he felt like committing suicide because of the losses of this movie, but his younger brother Pawan Kalyan and his elder brother Chiranjeevi supported him. Anyway.. Orange movie is getting re-released.. fans are getting Dil Khush.

Last Updated Mar 18, 2023, 11:15 AM IST

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