Rama Rama… Is Oscar winner Rajamouli found like that… Manchu Lakshmi’s comment is viral

RRR director made a funny meme on Rajamouli. Manchu Lakshmi is also present in the said video. She responded interestingly.

troll video on rrr movie director rajamouli actress manchu lakshmi reacts

First Published Mar 14, 2023, 7:38 AM IST

Director Rajamouli is now a global personality. The RRR movie directed by him won an Oscar in the Original Song category. The song Natu Natu was selected for Oscar and Keeravani, who composed the music and lyrics, went on stage and received the Oscar. There is a collective effort behind receiving this Oscar. Main credit should be given to Rajamouli. Rajamouli has been confined to America for a year… he is working to introduce the film RRR to the world.

The RRR movie that was screened on international platforms caught the attention of Oscar members. RRR made history as the first film to win an Oscar for India in the Original Song category. Meanwhile, a netizen made a meme on Rajamouli. Manchu Lakshmi made a troll video by mixing two videos that he mispronounced the RRR title.

In that video, when Rajamouli utters RRR…Manchu Lakshmi receives ‘R’ and gets caught. R means rolling in the nose. Rajamouli and Manchu Lakshmi have made a funny video on their English pronunciation by adding videos of them speaking on different occasions. It went viral on social media. Manchu Lakshmi responded to that video.

Rama Rama Rama… commented. Are you trolling me like this too? Manchu Lakshmi made such a comment in the sense that it is outrageous. Manchu Lakshmi’s tweet has gone viral. Manchu Lakshmi has been in America for a long time. Her English in an American accent is excellent. In some cases she told how to pronounce English words and letters. Memers are also using those videos for memes. While in America, NTR and Ram Charan are trying to speak with American accent. This is subject to some criticism

Last Updated Mar 14, 2023, 7:38 AM IST

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