Rana, Venkatesh ‘Rana Naidu’ Telugu Review

First Published Mar 10, 2023, 4:09 PM IST

After you were born, I went to bed for five years. Venky’s dialogues saying that I know how much masculinity you have there.. how evil you are, have already gone viral. Is there anything else like this in this series?

Rana Naidu review

Some combinations are always crazy. The audience feels a kick when the stars who are related behind the screen are acting together on the screen. Rana, who gained worldwide fame with Baahubali, fans are waiting to see when he will do a film with his Baboy star hero Venkatesh. Earlier, Venki appeared as a guest in Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum, which starred Rana. After that, the opportunity of these two together did not come until years ago. This time this combo has come to us in the form of a web series. Rana and Venkatesh are acting for the first time in this series which is streaming on Netflix India from today and it has created a huge craze. But this Baboy..boy did he take that craze to Next Lelive… What about Rana Naidu’s web series which was made as a family and gangster drama..

Story Line:

Rana Naidu (Rana) fixes any scandal in Bollywood very easily. Celebrities pay him huge amounts. He will go to any lengths to save his clients. He is ready for any work. But his father Naga Naidu (Venkatesh), who can solve any big problem in a pinch, becomes a big problem for him. Five years before he was released from Chanchal Guda Jail in Hyderabad, he comes to his son Rana who is shining in Mumbai. But here’s the twist… Naga was sent to jail by his son. He falsely accuses the father of murdering a girl and sends him to jail. Actually, it is the accidental murder of Bollywood star Prince (Anuj Khurana). Knowing this, how did Naga deal with his son. Why did Rana need to send his own father to jail? You have to watch the series to know why Rana, who is very loving towards his family, is so strict towards his father.

Rana Naidu


Rana Naidu’s web series is a remake of the 2013 American television series Ray Donovan. The series eloquently revolves around scandals, guns blazing without a second thought, and heaps of money. It has been changed to Indian version. New York cast has been made here as Mumbai. But as a story this is something we haven’t seen before. It is not a problem for those who watch English web series regularly, but for those who want to watch it in Telugu, it is a bit difficult to digest Rana and Venkatesh in those roles. Also, it will take some time for us to understand the setting of this series. We won’t get clarity till one and a half or two episodes. From there we will engage. But once connected, it feels new. Also, the story moves forward with more depth with new twists. The story is connected from the depths of the characters’ minds.

Image: Still from the teaser

On the surface the character dynamics don’t make sense. Especially who is the real hero..who is the villain..what is the relationship between father and son..why do they hate each other it will take time. When the story enters into the last two episodes, the drama is completely elevated and we are on the edge of the seat. But all this only if these characters connect with us. Otherwise you will get the feeling of watching a Telugu dubbed Hollywood movie. So it is no wonder that we find the last two episodes energetic and interesting. The first eight episodes establish various characters, relationships and complications between them. Some characters appear suddenly and disappear suddenly. Some characters seem strange to us. Especially in the role of a spiritual guru. Also some other characters behave as if they have something special in the previous episodes. It gradually becomes clear that there is nothing like that.

Climax is life of this series

Climax is the lifeblood of almost every movie and series. The same happened to this series. As the climax is good, no matter what happened till then, we feel completely happy at the end. We close our system or laptop with a small smile. There may be some minuses but the climax covers them all. If we can forget some stereotypes then this series will not disappoint us. This series with surprises here and there seems to be different from regular web series.


Net Plix has made this production with well-starred technicians. Since it is a remake, it is understood that the director has improvised the original. This is a script written by Fairfect. The two main roles are balanced. The crime drama is handled with care. The dialogue is a bit over the top but everything else is okay. The predictable turns in it and the scenes that remind you of an OTT drama are a bit disturbing. Editing seems to be good even if two or three episodes are removed. Rana’s character should have had more impact with fewer scenes. The camera work and writing are brilliant. There is something special to say about the production values ​​from the side of Netflix.

Rana Naidu review

Rana .. in Bhallala Deva Sdai

Rana looks completely different from his previous roles in this series. He conveys the emotion behind a very negative looking character with his eyes. The complex chemistry of father and son is well cultivated. Venky and Rana both competed and gave their best. In this remake of the Indian version, Rana has cultivated so much that we don’t see anyone else.

Venky is in great form..

Venkatesh is a different father character. Venkatesh has brought the character alive in front of us, who is desperate to take revenge on his son. It has to be said that who has done better in these two roles is both of them. We find it a bit awkward to hear Venkatesh speak here and there. That’s why they are preparing without watching the family audience.

Rana’s character
Venkatesh Performance
A new plot

Slow narration
Loud noises are heard in many places
A non digestible story for regular viewers

Final thought

Better than most of the web series we get regularly. Enjoying the slow narration… if you don’t expect too much, it’s still good.

Rating: 3


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