Rashmi Gautam: Arrest anchor Rashmi under that crime!

Netizens are furious with anchor Rashmi Gautam. She is being targeted as a social media platform. The reason for this was the recent incident of a boy in Hyderabad city. A four-year-old boy died in an attack by stray dogs. Majority of the sects are denying this incident. Their anger turned towards animal lovers. People like Rashmi Gautam, who are fighting for the protection of stray dogs, are being severely criticized by netizens.

Cases were filed for not controlling the stray dogs and they scared the authorities… they brought scary situations. There is an outcry that those like Rashmi who are feeding stray dogs and increasing their offspring should be punished first. Netizens have been playing with Rashmi for the past week. Threats of beating and acid attacks are also being faced.

In this order, a netizen… Rashmi Gautam should be arrested first. Feed stray dogs and encourage them to attack, he tweeted. Rashmi Gautam responded to the tweet. ‘It’s not that easy. He replied, “Make yourself aware”. Rashmi’s tweet went viral. Rashmi Gautam directly said that she can’t do anything to me.

Recently, a netizen tweeted that Rashmi should be beaten like a dog. Rashmi also got angry on this. Tell me the address and I will come. Let’s see what you do. Let’s decide… she replied. No matter who makes harsh comments on her, Rashmi doesn’t get down. Will immediately try to counter. Rashmi has also been made a model of Anasuya. Let’s see how many days this dispute will last.

Rashmi Gautam has been an animal lover for a long time. She is campaigning on behalf of mute people through social media. They create awareness among the people without resorting to violence. Rashmi has become vegan. Don’t eat meat. At least eggs and milk are not used. Vegans believe that animals are abused by humans for their own sake. On the other hand, Rashmi is busy in her profession as an anchor. Currently, Rashmi is acting as an anchor in Extra Jabardasth and Sridevi Drama Company shows. Lately the star has been buzzing in Ma too.


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