Rashmi Gautam: If you want to have children, go to bed… Anchor Rashmi Gautam Racha with Boothu’s comments

Anchor Rashmi Gautam shocked everyone with a double meaning dialogue. Said to be close to the bed in order to give birth to children… gave a nasty punch.

Rashmi Gautam

Once upon a time, adult jokes in Jabardast skits were crass. They are enjoyed by a group of people. However, there was a lot of criticism. Some jokes are controversial. In the face of widespread criticism, Mallema’s organization imposed restrictions on content. The team leaders were advised not to make jokes with double meaning.

Rashmi Gautam

It’s okay to a certain extent, but the jokes on the show have been reduced. Lately Jabardasth show is not having the same impact as it used to. Everyone on the show is new arrivals. They are not able to share non-stop humor like previous team leaders. It seems that Jabardasth makers have believed in adult jokes in this sequence.

Rashmi Gautam

This kind of jokes are more common from some episodes. Latest anchor Rashmi’s punchy dialogue seemed a bit awkward. In the husband-and-wife skit… the husband said, ‘If you want to have children, you can’t be close to the glass like this’. Receiving the dialogue spoken by her husband’s character, Rashmi screamed loudly that she should be close to the bed.

Rashmi Gautam

They used bold words like birth of children and bed. The netizens are angry that this range of bold jokes was not expected from Rashmi’s mouth. There is a doubt that the boundaries have been erased for TRP.

Rashmi Gautam

And Rashmi is doing it on Maa TV as well as ETV. For a long time she was limited to Mallemala and ETV companies. Rashmi is acting as an anchor in a new show that aired on Star Maa recently. In the background of reduced movie offers, she focused more on anchoring.

Anasuya left anchoring and devoted herself completely to acting. Rashmi acted as heroine in many films. He played bold and glamorous roles. But she didn’t get a single break break hit. The makers put it aside. Last year a film with the title of toy blockbuster was released. The movie that was released as Nandu as the hero did not play either.

When will Rashmi get married? Who do you do? is an evergreen hot topic. 34-year-old Rashmi is not giving any clarification in this matter. The TV star does not give full clarity about her relationship with Sudheer. Does she really want to get married? Or? No one knows.


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