Rashmi Gautam who is kissing and winking.

TV beauty anchor Rashmi Gautam (Rashmi Gautam) is currently enjoying her vacation. Impressive with pranks on this occasion. Recently shared this crazy video with fans.

Anchor Rashmi Gautam enjoying her vacation

First Published Feb 26, 2023, 8:38 PM IST

It is known that anchor Rashmi Gautam has gained good recognition in the television audience as the anchor of ‘Jabardasth’. Itte impressed the TV audience with her anchoring skills, dynamism and punctuality. On the other hand, glamor has also gained a good craze among the youth. She also impresses by performing dance performances in stunning outfits on the screen… At the same time, she also impresses by doing crazy photoshoots. Increasing fan following.

Anchor Rashmi Gautam enjoying her vacation

Anchor Rashmi, who is having an unstoppable career on the big screen, is impressing everyone by going on vacations and tours from time to time. On this occasion, she recently shared a crazy video with her fans. The top glamor feasted in a sleeveless gown. The camera is hooked on close-up shots. Kissing.. winking.. biting her lip with her forefinger took the lives of the boys. With a smile and an intoxicating look, she shot arrows into the hearts of the netizens. Netizens are also commenting on the provocative actions of Rashmi Gautam who did such a crazy photo shoot.

Anchor Rashmi Gautam enjoying her vacation

Meanwhile, Rashmi Gautam, who is always active on social media, also responds to those social incidents. He asks questions in his own style. Even during the lock down, the mute animals were fed and showed a good mind. It is known that he has shown his style on many occasions. Recently, Kasta is surprising everyone by making bold comments on television. Presently continuing as ‘Jabardas’ anchor.

Anchor Rashmi Gautam enjoying her vacation

Anchor Rashmi is known to everyone as an anchor for many years. But before becoming an anchor, she started her career as an actress. She entertained the audience by shining in supporting roles. But not much impressed. After gaining recognition as an anchor, she fulfilled her dream as a heroine. She acted in films like ‘Guntur Talkies’, ‘Antham’, ‘Next Nuvve’ and ‘Anthaku Manchi’. Megastar Chiranjeevi is currently acting in ‘Bhola Shankar’. Looking forward to more opportunities.

Last Updated Feb 26, 2023, 8:38 PM IST

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