RCB is poor because of her… Fans trolling Sania Mirza! Don’t leave Vijay Mallya…

First Published Mar 9, 2023, 5:15 PM IST

RCB… There are no teams that can compete with this team in terms of craze. So far this franchise has not won a single title. While the men’s IPL team has been failing in the IPL for 16 seasons, the RCB team is continuing the same routine in the women’s premier league…

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Women’s Premier League 2023 Royal Challengers Bangalore lost in first three matches. In the first match, RCB lost to Delhi Capitals by 60 runs and in the second match, they lost to Mumbai by 9 wickets.

In the match against Gujarat Giants, Royal Challengers Bangalore, who scored 190 runs in a huge target of 202 runs, could not cross the required margin of victory in the last overs.

RCB vs Gujarat Giants

Elisa Perry, Richa Ghosh, Heather Knight, who had huge expectations along with captain Harmanpreet Kaur who had high expectations are failing. Even Indian star bowler Renuka Singh, who was bought at a huge price, is not able to impress much…

With RCB’s failure, memes are going viral on social media. Some are trolling tennis star Sania Mirza for RCB’s defeat. Tennis player is the reason for defeat in cricket… RCB is credited with appointing a tennis player as a mentor for the women’s cricket team.

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India’s first star woman player is Sania Mirza… This tennis star’s name became popular all over the country with a series of victories in her teenage years. If such a woman is appointed as a mentor to the team, RCB hopes that she will encourage the players mentally and get 100 percent results from them.

RCB-Sania Mirza

But Sania Mirza, who does not know cricket techniques, how many motivational classes are given, what is the use. Memes are going viral on social media saying that due to her motivational classes, Smriti Mandhana and Elisa Perry are also forgetting the game and that’s why they are not able to play properly…

Vijay Mallya

Mehul Choksi alleged that the screening of the documentary would harm his reputation and affect the case. The court was approached through Choksi’s overseas lawyer Vijay Agarwal.

RCB fans did not stop there. Vijay Mallya, the owner of the Royal Challengers Bangalore team who fled abroad after scamming thousands of crores, is also being dragged into it. Trolls are saying that Mallya’s cheating has become a curse for the RCB team, that’s why they are not able to win the title no matter how many stars they have.


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