Relief for TDP leader Pattabhi .. Court granted bail, conditions apply

Court granted bail to TDP leader Kommareddy Pattabhi. The court ordered Pattabhi to cooperate with the investigation and not to influence the witnesses.

court granted bail to tdp leader kommareddy pattabhi ram

First Published Mar 3, 2023, 6:46 PM IST

TDP leader Kommareddy Pattabhi got relief. To this extent, the court granted him conditional bail on Friday. Ordered to appear in court every Thursday for 3 months. The court also dismissed the plea of ​​the police to take them into custody. But the court ordered Pattabhi to cooperate with the investigation and not to influence the witnesses.

Meanwhile, the police have arrested 15 people, including TDP spokesperson Kommareddy Pattabhiram, in the case of clashes that took place at the Krishna district TDP office. Pattabhi came to know that MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi’s clan members and YCP workers had attacked the TDP office. During the attack, they tried to go to the DGP’s office to protest against the behavior of the police. Along with Pattabhi, some other TDP leaders and activists were detained by the police. But there was confusion on Tuesday as it was not known where Pattabhi was moved. Pattabhi’s wife is worried that his life is in danger. In this order, when Pattabhi was produced in the Gannavaram court in the evening, he told the judge that the police used the third degree against him.

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Pattabhi said that the police who arrested him took him to Thotlavallur police station without letting anyone know. He said that he was dragged into a dark room in the station and beaten indiscriminately by three masked men. It is reported that Pattabhiram told the judge that he was subjected to third degree torture by wrapping a towel around his face and beating him with sticks on his soles and palms.

However, Krishna District SP Joshua said that the allegation that Pattabhi was beaten by the police is untrue. It is not appropriate to blame the police with false allegations. He expressed anger that Pattabhi tried to mislead the court by telling untruths. He said that Pattabhi came to Gannavaram with men in 3 vehicles. Pattabhi’s behavior clearly shows the malicious intent to create conflicts. The SP clarified that the remand of the accused including Pattabhi and the investigation is going on transparently. He said that no complaint has been received regarding the attack on the TDP office. Krishna district SP clarified that a case has been registered and 9 people have been arrested.

Last Updated Mar 3, 2023, 6:49 PM IST

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