Review of ‘Organic Mama – Hybrid Alludu’ by SV Krishna Reddy

First Published Mar 3, 2023, 2:23 PM IST

After a long gap, SV Krishtareddy, who has directed many successful films like Shubhalagnam and Maavichiguru, is going to make a re-entry as a director with Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu.

Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu review

Once director SV Krishnareddy Hawa ran. Hits one after another..became a hero and gave super hit songs as a music director. But times have changed. He is behind. Yamalila 2 was last shot in 2014. However, the film did not succeed as expected. But he re-entered once again. This director, after a gap of almost 8 years, got the megaphone again and made a movie called Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu. Krishna Redde has taken care of the story, screenplay, music and direction of this movie. In addition to these, dialogues have also been provided this time. And let’s see in the review things like whether it came with a story that suits the tastes of this era, how is the movie.

organic mama hybrid alludu


Failure film director Vijay (Sohail) can’t bear the fight at home and decides to sell the Kondapalli dolls made by his mother. For that he will set up a stall in a five star hotel. Hasini (Mrinalini Ravi) is introduced there. Both fall in love with each other. In this, producer Manikonda (Sunil) comes and gives Vijay a film chance. Life takes a twist with organic Venkataran (Rajendra Prasad) rejoicing that life is getting back on track. He is no one else. Hasini’s father is the girl Vijay loves. His daughter’s love affair will be known. So he does not want to give his daughter to someone who is not financially settled with such earnings. He wants to put a full stop to the love story. Then what did Vijay do.. did he win his love.. did he make a film and get success, who is Gajula Gangaratnam (Ajay Ghosh) who entered the story.. you have to watch the movie to know such things.

Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu review

How is it?

How would you feel if the film made by SV Krishna Reddy at that time is released after all these years? We get the same feeling. Krishna Reddy got dark with the idea of ​​turning the movie into a family entertainer. But the same is not impressing the audience. Everyone in the family is watching the movies they like in their own way. Gone are the days when everyone sits together and watches a movie. So, unless it is a big hit, the whole family will not go and enjoy the movie like an event. In addition, today’s audience has changed a lot from the audience of the nineties. We understand that SV Krishna Reddy did not notice that. The first half of the screenplay is just the introduction of the hero, heroines, Rajendra Prasad and the love story, and they come into the story in the second half. We are already losing patience. Even in the second half, if the story takes a crucial turn, it runs as if it is just okay. Even if there is some emotion in the climax, it doesn’t seem to balance the film. It is good that Amalapuram is the best in satirizing the media for Secession and the directors of today who manage and convince the producer without even telling the story.

Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu review


There is nothing new in the story chosen by Krishna Reddy for this film. Moreover, the technical elements are not seen on the screen to reach them. The director’s attempt is to bring a family entertainer to the screen. There are fun scenes here and there, but overall the story does not have that twist of fun rising anywhere. Dialogues are good. And the music of this movie is good. It would have been better if there was emotional content in the background music. The visualization is also well done. Film producer Koneru Kalpana’s production values ​​are good. The camera work is brilliant. The length of the movie is short. But I got the feeling of seeing more.

Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu review

Among the actors…

Big Boss Sohel is acting in this movie after Lucky Laxman. It should be said that the acting in this movie has improved compared to Lucky Laxman. Also it is good to design that character without highlighting heroism. Sunil once again showed his innocent fun. Ajay Ghosh’s presence brings intensity to the story. Ravi has done Mrinali as the heroine well, there is something new to say about Rajendra Prasad, Meena and Ajay Ghosh. People like Surya, Hema, Harsha Jemudu, Praveen, Sunil, Krishna Bhagwan, Saptagiri tried to play small roles with fun.

Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu review

Final thought

SV Krishna Reddy seems to have made this film for his fans.. there is no problem if they still come to the theaters and watch it.
Rating: 2.5

Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu review

Screen drug..behind

Sunil, Krishnabhagwan, Sana, Praveen, Saptagiri, Ajayghosh, Raja Ravindra, Surekha Vani, Prithvi, Chalaki Chanti, Surya, Rajaravindra etc.
Camera: C. Ramprasad,
Editing: Praveen Pudi,
Art: Shiva,
Songs: Chandra Bose, Ramajogaiah, Shrimani,
Submitted by: K. Achireddy,
Producer: Koneru Kalpana,
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Music, Direction: SV Krishna Reddy.
Release Date: 03, March 2023


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