Rishi admits that Vasudhara is his wife.. Is Deva in shock?

Guppedantha Manasu: The serial Guppedantha Manasu which is being aired on television is very impressive to the audience. The serial continues with the love story between a lecturer and a student in a college. Now let’s find out what happened in today’s March 2nd episode

Devayani shocked after rishi accepted his relationship in today's guppedantha manasu serial gnr

First Published Mar 2, 2023, 7:18 AM IST

In today’s episode, Rishi comes up on the stage and looks at Vasudhara Jagati and they both bow their heads. Then tell Devyani Rishi Vasudhara will say that the world says that you are the reason for the clap on the neck. Then Rishi looks at Vasudhara silently while Vasudhara gets tensed. Then I don’t know what happened Rishi till now but I heard Jagati madam’s words. Vasudhara, Jagati and Devyani are all shocked when Jagati madam says that all the words are true. Then Vasudhara looks at Rishi and becomes happy.

Devayani is in shock. Devayani asks Rishi what are you talking about and Rishi says yes all the words of Peddamma Jagati Ma’am are true. Thank you to every single media reporter who came to the press meet. Do not talk about personal matters in this press meet. Rishi says that this press meet was not arranged to talk about those things. Then Devayani leaves from there in anger. Then Rishi says that this is only to explain about the mission education project and now Vasudhara will explain and leaves.

Then as Devyani is leaving, Rishi says go back and wait, Peddamma, which means your Peddamma has died, so don’t talk like that, Peddamma. Devayani emotionally blackmails Rishi by telling all the things from his childhood saying what did you do and what did Rishi say. She says you have decided about your marriage without taking my decision without telling me. Devayani says what is your business with this elder after you have decided your wife. And they will take care of all your good things, what is your business with this old lady?

Everyone is right, this old lady is crazy and uses thieving plays. Rishi says, wait, I have not changed, I will tell you everything that happened when the time comes. Then Rishi says that there is no one in this world for me more than my big mommy, after you, Devayani is happy inside. Then when Fanindra comes there, Devayani starts a new drama thinking that if the flat is pulled to the point of breaking, I will get into trouble. Rishi gets happy saying that your happiness is my happiness, if you are good, what more does this old lady want.

On the other hand, Vasudhara goes into Rishi’s cabin. Vasudhara says very happy that I am very happy today. Then Rishi sits on the seat. Then Rishi is talking as he spoke and Vasudhara is happy, then seeing the heart there, Vasudhara is talking happily saying, Oi heart, my Rishi sir has fallen in love with you. Then Rishi comes there while Vasudhara is flying happily. She asks why are you doing this in such a hurry, and says sir, have you answered the quarrel between us today?

Now Rishi Vasudhara says in this happiness you forgot one thing, I told you that I am your husband and you didn’t say that you are my wife, Vasudhara gets shocked. Rishi says that they accepted the words spoken by Jagati madam there, sir, I am staying the same, I will accept those words. Vasudhara gets shocked saying I am your husband but you are not my wife. Rishi says because of what you have done, I became your husband but you could not become my wife. Once he thinks about what I said and says Vasudhara, Rishi gives Vasudhara a test.

What are you talking about sir, I don’t understand what you are saying. Rishi says how can I become your husband if you wear tali around your neck. Then Vasudhara thinks about the words spoken by the Rishi. Rishi says we have respect for our love and our relationship but you are the one who made me a husband in our life that I did not clap for you. He says you changed my character to your liking without my knowledge. Rishi sir says that this is not correct, the madam’s words there are true and admit that they are not here again. Rishi says do you understand one thing, not only there but here also I agree with Jagati madam’s words. When you say my husband, I am your wife, sir.

Last Updated Mar 2, 2023, 7:18 AM IST

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