Rs. Leaving a salary of 30 lakhs, he started a samosa business and earned Rs. Success story of a couple earning 45 crores..

In today’s era, youth are more interested in starting startups. For this some are giving up jobs that pay lakhs of rupees. Nidhi Singh and her husband Shikhar Vir Singh also joined the ranks of such people. The couple, who gave up lakhs of rupees-paying jobs to make and sell samosas in Bangalore, now sell 30,000 samosas every month. 45 crores are being earned through this venture.

Leaving a salary of 30 lakhs, he started a samosa business and earned Rs.  Success story of a couple earning 45 crores MKA

First Published Mar 14, 2023, 4:59 PM IST

A good job for both husband and wife, lakhs of rupees per month. Such a couple who are in the comfort zone.. got out of it and started their own business.. Today they are earning crores of income and are an inspiration to others. These are the founders of ‘Samosa Singh’ Nidhi Singh Shikhar Veer Singh. Both Nidhi Singh and her husband Shikhar Veer Singh were doing good jobs in Bangalore and earning a lot. However, as their career got boring, they decided to enter the business world. For this, he left his job that was paying lakhs and started a business selling samosas. It is not surprising that many people find this decision strange. However, both have the courage to face the challenges. Because of this, even though the path of owning a business is tough, they have faced everything. As a result, today both Nidhi Shikhar Veer Singh are earning more than their previous high package jobs.

Both met, fell in love and got married while studying B.Tech in Haryana. Both have B.Tech degrees in Biotechnology. Shikhar also completed his M. Tech degree from Hyderabad Institute of Life Sciences. By the time Shikhar resigned in 2015, he was a principal engineer at Biocon. Now Nidhi is working in a corporate company and his annual package at the time of retirement is Rs. 30 lakhs. Both quit their jobs in 2015 and started a startup called Samosa Singh the following year.

Nidhi Singh and her husband both have financially sound family background, they have sold the businessman dream house .Nidhi’s father is a lawyer while Shikhar’s father owns a jewelery shop in Ambala, Chandigarh. But Nidhi and Shikhar started the business with their savings without taking any help from the family. He sold his dream apartment for Rs 80 lakh when the demand for samosas increased and he needed a bigger space to make them. They lived in that house only for one day. So he rented a factory with the money he got as a mother to buy his dream house.

Selling 30,000 samosas per month,

Nidhisingh and Shikhar are firm believers in their business. In the beginning the business went through ups and downs. Today they sell 30,000 samosas every month. Salina is doing a business of 45 crores. Their butter, chicken and kadai paneer samosas are very popular. Currently Nidhi Singh is planning to expand her business further.

Last Updated Mar 14, 2023, 4:59 PM IST

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