Sachin, Nag, Charan, Yash, Chaitu, Akhil, Tillu, Dulquer.

First Published Feb 11, 2023, 8:55 PM IST

Film stars, cricketers and businessmen made noise in this prestigious international formula racing held at Hyderabad venue. Among them, Sachin, Nag, Charan, Yash, Akhil, Chaitu, Tillu stood as a special attraction.

For ten years after 2013, Formula India became the platform for this racing. It is special that these international racing competitions are held at our Hyderabad venue. This formula racing competition started today at 3 pm. In this, 11 teams and 22 racers from different countries participated in the competition. For the first time, this racing competition is being held with state-of-the-art Gen3 cars. While foreign companies and racers are in the air, Anand Mahindra Company and TCS Jaguar Company of our India have also entered the ring.

Tollywood celebrities came to watch this racing competition. Cricketers, politicians and businessmen came. Telangana IT Minister KTR and Union Minister Anurag Thakur along with Tollywood stars Nagarjuna, Ram Charan, Akhil, Naga Chaitanya, DJ Tillu fame Sidhu Jonnalagadda along with Kannada star Yash and Malayalam actor Dulquer Salmaan participated in this. Along with them, Anand Mahindra, some corporate and political leaders participated and made noise.

Minister KTR made noise along with Tollywood stars Nagarjuna, Ramcharan, Akhil and Naga Chaitanya in Formula E racing. Currently these photos are going viral on social media.

Indian cricketers Sachin Tendulkar, Shikhar Dhawan, Deepak Chahar and others were also present. Australian cricketer Glenn Maxwell also participated and enjoyed the racing.

Before that, Shruti Haasan, NTR’s wife Lakshmi Praneeta, Mahesh’s wife Namrata and Nara Brahmini participated. Everyone sat at one place and enjoyed the racing. Relaxed there for a while. The audience was entertained.

Meanwhile, Ramcharan was a special attraction in this. He tried to race by sitting in a formula car. These videos and photos are now going viral on social media.

Sidhu Jonnalagadda of “DJ Tillu” fame had fun with Minister KTR. The photos of the Formula One racing competition held at the Necklace Road are going viral on social media.


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