Seeing on YouTube, he killed his girlfriend, cut her into pieces.. and threw her into a well..

A woman who had an extramarital relationship was murdered after seeing videos on YouTube that a man was pressuring her to get married. This incident came to light in Rajasthan.

man assassinated lover over extramarital affair in rajasthan - bsb

First Published Feb 8, 2023, 9:32 AM IST

Rajasthan: The number of crimes committed in the context of extra-marital relations is increasing day by day. An extra-marital affair between two people who are married and living happily can tear those families apart. The girlfriend’s proposal that you leave your wife and I will leave my husband and get married and live comfortably left the boyfriend confused. That’s why he killed her and was imprisoned. The incident took place in Nagor district of Rajasthan.

Going into the details.. Anupama Ram from Sri Balaji Colony in Nagaur district of Rajasthan had an extra-marital affair with a married woman next door. While speaking well to the neighbor, he did such a despicable thing with his wife. The friendship that developed between the two turned into love and that led to an extramarital affair, and the woman truly loved Anoparam with all her heart. She wanted to be with him for the rest of her life, not just the physical relationship which is the foundation of extramarital affairs.

But Anoparam wanted to limit himself to physical contact only. In this order she forced her boyfriend to marry her. She said that she will leave her husband and come.. She asked you to leave your wife and come. However, Anoparam did not agree to do so. He doesn’t want to leave his wife and go with his girlfriend. On the other hand, the pressure of the girlfriend increases. So he decided to kill her. He watched videos on YouTube for this.

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According to them, he planned to kill his girlfriend. He asked his girlfriend to come to meet him. The woman left on January 22 to meet Anoparam. At home she said that she was going to give birth. However, two days passed and she did not go to her birthplace. Her husband and parents got worried and filed a complaint at the local police station on January 24.

When the police registered a case to this extent and interrogated the locals, it came to light that the missing woman was having an extra-marital affair with Anoparam, who lived next door to them. Immediately the police took Anoparam into custody and interrogated him in their own style. Anoparam then admitted the truth. He confessed to killing his girlfriend who had come to meet him on January 22 in the forest on Balwa Road.

He said that he then cut the body into pieces and threw it in a well in the forest. As per Anoparam’s details, the police went to the well and searched and found the woman’s clothes and hair. They went down into the well and searched for the body parts of the woman. They have been searching the well for the body parts for three days. As this matter came to light, it became a local sensation.

Last Updated Feb 8, 2023, 9:32 AM IST

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