Senior actor’s daughter who followed Shahid Kapoor.. Bollywood star approached the police for what she did!

Bollywood star hero Shahid Kapoor continues to entertain with back to back movies. He got a good craze among the youth by doing films different from the routine. Career Start Shahid Kapoor became known as Chocolate Boy. Fan following for his acting, dance and handsome look is also increasing massively. Even on social media, Bollywood stars are not all that. But an interesting news related to Shahid Kapoor is currently going viral.

It is common for heroes to have a lady following. But it’s hard to put into words how much some fans like it. But according to Bollywood media reports, after the movie ‘Ishq Vishq’, Vastavikta, the eldest daughter of Bollywood senior actor Raj Kumar, became a fan of Shahid Kapoor. Pandit Shiamak Davar first met Shahid in dance classes. But it is said that she has already become a fan of Shahid and fell in love at first sight.

Since then Shahid has always been followed by reality. But Shahid did not respond to her feelings. However, Shahid was annoyed by following her..coming to film sets..sitting on the bonnet of the car..trying to meet her even while shooting outdoors. Moreover, she entered the house next to Shahid Kapoor’s house and said that she is Shahid Kapoor’s wife. Knowing this, Shahid had to approach the police. A case has been registered against the truth. But all this happened under 11 years. Now it has become viral in Bollywood. And Shahid finally got a good response with the crime thriller web series ‘Farji’.


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