Shahrukh Khan’s watch, which is going viral, will turn heads if you know the cast

In the meantime, whatever item the star heroes use, it will go viral. We think that it is not possible to tell.. but if their cost is in lakhs. Currently Shah Rukh Khan… Watch is currently viral news on social media.

Shah Rukh Khan Watch Cost 5 Crores

First Published Feb 10, 2023, 1:53 PM IST

Usually a film star wears a lot of costly things. The small things they use… cost in crores. Fans show interest in them from time to time. They know what their favorite star is using and make it viral. Especially the castile items used by Bollywood heroes..will always go viral.

The style of the star heroes in Balivadu.. the cost of the things they use are becoming a sensation from time to time. Shah Rukh Khan’s watch in this film is now a hot topic. Shah Rukh Khan created a sensation with the movie Pathan. After almost seven years he got a blockbuster hit. Shah Rukh is on a good momentum with this success. Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan recently appeared in an event and created a buzz. His style is being discussed in this event.

The reason for that is Shahrukh Khan’s promise. It seems that they think that watch is so special.. Shahrukh is using a costly watch that no other star hero has worn in India so far. That is special. Shah Rukh who appeared in a black suit in this event wore a blue wrist watch. If you know the price of that watch, it is sure to turn your eyes. Some families can live with the value of that watch for a few the cost of that watch is literally 45 crores 98 lakhs..that is close to 5 crores. Knowing this, everything is aura.

Deepika Padukone acted as Shahrukh Jodi in Pathan. The Estar heroine shared this video on Twitter. Shahrukh is seen wearing this watch in this video. The video in which the two are making out seems to have been taken before the Pathan event. Shah Rukh fans are making this eWatch viral. But it seems that the watch belongs to a Swiss luxury watch manufacturing company called Ademers Piguet. This is known as the company’s Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Watch.

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