Shiv Balaji’s wife who was excited saying “Oo” or “Mawa”, Madhumita made a fuss with dance.

Madhumita, the wife of actor Shivbalaji, was excited by the dance performance.

Actor Siva Balaji Wife Actress Madhumitha dance video viral

First Published Feb 22, 2023, 7:07 AM IST

Many couples in the film industry have fallen in love and got married. Some of them get separated by divorce after some time of marriage, but some of them lead a happy life by living a happy life. Shivabalaji and Madhumita are one such couple. The couple has been married for more than 10 years and is living a happy life without any mistakes.

Shivabalaji, who was once busy as an actor, fell in love and got married while Madhumita was still in good form. These two currently have no suitable films in this program. While Sivabalaji is doing films occasionally… looking after business… but Madhumita is confined to her family. She looked after the children. Shivabalaji, who was once a busy actor, became the winner of Bigg Boss and gained a lot of craze. Since then he is also active on social media. Lately, he is buzzing as a judge in the reality TV show Mr. and Mrs. Meanwhile.. Shiv Balaji is active and his wife Madhumita seldom posts on social media.

While Shivabalaji’s wife Madhumita is looking after the house, she is also running a YouTube channel. She also posts various videos sharing her family affairs. Whenever he appears on social media, he is seen with Shiv Balaji. Recently, Madhumita took the steps to sing a song in the movie Pushpa. She posted a video with her husband doing the dance steps to the item song Oo Antawa Mawa.. Uoo Antawa.. Netizens are falling in love with Madhumitha’s dressing style and her hot expressive dance.

Not only that, the netizens have never seen Madhumita like this before. Shiv Balaji’s wife looked very hot. This time the fans are happy that she has surprised them with this exciting dance. How many other people are commenting that you have this side too? However.. along with them Ata Sandeep is also seen in that video. Currently this video is going viral.

Last Updated Feb 22, 2023, 7:07 AM IST

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