Shocking truths in TSPSC case: Police focus on Praveen’s ‘naked’ truths

HYDERABAD: The police have identified key facts in the investigation of the TSPSC question paper leakage case. The police have identified important matters in the WhatsApp conversations with women on Praveen’s mobile phone. On the other hand, the police found that Praveen was in close contact with women. Praveen deleted these WhatsApp conversations. Police are trying to retrieve these conversations. The police are expected to take the accused into custody and interrogate them in this case.

Praveen joined the Telangana Public Service Commission as a Junior Assistant in 2017. Currently working as Assistant Section Officer. In their investigation, the police found that Praveen was very trusted by the higher officials in TSPSC. Praveen has been working in the verification section for four years. Praveen used to take the phone numbers of women coming for verification. A popular Telugu news channel TV 9 reported that he used these phone numbers to get close to women. The police found that Praveen had leaked the TSPSC question paper for a woman named Renuka.

During the investigation, the police found that Praveen and Rajasekhar had copied the question papers from the computer of Shankar Lakshmi, who works in TSPSC. TSPSC has postponed the exams scheduled to be held on 5th, 15th and 16th of this month. Question papers related to appointments of town planning overseas and veterinary assistant surgeons have been postponed due to suspicions of leakage. However, the police found that the examination paper was leaked in connection with the assistant engineer examination held on the 5th of this month


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