Shruti Haasan sweating in knickers… how hard it was for the heroine of Salar!

Srimukhi, who always feasts on beauty, has changed her ways this time. Her focus is on the navel and waist.

salaar heroine shruti haasan practices kick boxing video getting viral

First Published Mar 10, 2023, 5:42 PM IST

Heroine job is not easy. Many health problems arise in irregular occupation. Physically and mentally you have to face a lot of stress. Keeping the body strong is essential to withstand these adverse conditions. Also need to be slim. If the heroines shape up, there will be no career. That’s why stars spend hours in gyms. They do hard exercises and get a slim body.

Heroine Shruti Haasan, who is like a string, is no exception in this regard. Exercise is a part of his daily routine. That’s why it maintains a slim and fit figure. In the gym, not only exercise but also martial arts are practiced. Shruti Haasan’s kickboxing video goes viral. A video of Shruti Haasan practicing kickboxing under the supervision of celebrity trainer Irrfan Khan goes viral. Shruti Haasan shared this video with her fans. He revealed that he has resumed training after a long gap.

Meanwhile… Sankranti heroine got two super hits in Shruti’s account. Shruti acted as the heroine in Waltheru Veeraiya and Veerasimha Reddy. Both these films were successful. Waltheru Veeraya’s collections were especially dusty. Sankranti 2023 became the winner. Despite the average content, the festival season has come together. Both mass films were well received by the masses.

Shruti’s big project in hand is Salaar. Director Prashanth Neel is making an action entertainer. Starring Prabhas as the hero, the film will release worldwide on September 28. Malayalam star Prithviraj is playing the villain role in Salaar movie. Also Jagapathi Babu is playing a role. Fans believe that Salar will be a huge hit in Prabhas’ career. With the success of Salar, Shruti’s career is sure to go to another level…

Last Updated Mar 10, 2023, 5:42 PM IST

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