Smart beauty who shocked without wearing a bra.. Nabha Natesh with unbuttoned shirt and torn pants is a treat..

First Published Mar 3, 2023, 1:48 PM IST

Smart beauty Nabha Nates impresses with glamorous photos. This beauty who has no chances in the movie lures beauties for chances. Mind block with hot treat.

Nabha Natesh of “Smart Shankar” fame recently unbuttoned his shirt and gave a visual treat. She wore torn jeans and gave some Thai treats. While sitting on the sofa while drinking coffee, Nabha Natesh got excited in this range, and now the photos are going viral on social media. Nabha’s unbuttoned shirt is surprising now. Netizens are responding to this. They are making comments saying they forgot to wear bra. It is said that the poses on the sofa are overcrowded. It is reminded that the shirt is not buttoned. She is trending by sharing her photos.

Nabha Natesh is currently vacant. She does not have a single film in hand. Nabha, who suddenly burst into Tollywood, became a part of crazy projects in a row. She got good success. But after that, the films she made were flops, so she went down.

Nabha Natesh from Kannada has done engineering in IT. After that she took steps towards modeling. She learned acting while modeling. Mainly she tried her hand at acting and modeling under the guidance of National Award winning director Prakash Belawadi.

She also learned classical dances. Nabha is trained in Bharatanatyam. She gave many performances in her school age and impressed. On the other hand, Nabha Natesh participated in Femina Miss India Bangalore competition in beauty pageants. In this, she also won the Miss Intellectual Award.

In terms of acting, she acted in the Abhinaya Wave and learned theater in the presence of director Belawadi. She has mastered various arts before entering the cinema. Nabha Natesh tried to prove herself in terms of talent instead of just relying on glamour.

She got a chance to act with Kannada star Shivrajkumar in her first film entry. She made her film debut as a heroine in 2015 with the film “Vajrakaya”. She got success with her first movie. After that she appeared in “Lee” and “Saheba” films.

In 2018, she made her entry into Tollywood with the film Nannu Dochukunduvate. She acted with Sudhir Babu and was impressed. It became popular at once due to its dynamism. Ravi Babu’s “Adugo” is also a shining beauty. “Ismart Shankar” has given a big life to this beauty who has never lost her glamor. She played the heroine in this film produced by Puri Jagannath with Ram as the hero. She impressed with her intense beauty and acting. In this, Nabha on one side and Nidhi Agarwal on the other are competing in the beauty show.

She appeared in the films “Disco Raja”, “Solo Brathuke So Better”, “Alludu Adurs” and “Maestro”. In fact, none of Nabha’s movies are bad movies, nor are they all disaster movies. Except for one son-in-law, Adurs, the rest seemed fine. But opportunities are not coming. It tries to attract makers by giving glamor treat for chances. Will her beauty efforts pay off? Must see.


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