Smuggling more than a kilo of gold hidden in slippers.. Man caught at Bangalore airport…

The police arrested a man who was secretly smuggling more than a kilo of gold in slippers. Gold was seized from a person who came to Bangalore from Bangkok.

Smuggling more than a kilo of gold hidden in slippers, Man caught at Bangalore airport - bsb

First Published Mar 15, 2023, 2:17 PM IST

Bengaluru: Bangalore Airport Rs. Bengaluru Customs officials caught a passenger who tried to smuggle gold worth Rs 69.40 lakh hidden in his sandals. Customs officers are now going to be more careful while scanning sandals. Because the smugglers were found to hide the gold bars inside the sandals to avoid being caught in the scanning.

“Passengers arriving from Bangkok to Bengaluru in an Indigo Airways flight were stopped for checking. Four shelves of gold inside their sandals were seized from them,” said a customs official on Wednesday. At least 1.2 kg was seized, he said.

On March 12, a passenger from Bangkok to Bengaluru in Indigo Flight 6E76 was intercepted by the Bengaluru Customs Air Intelligence officials. When asked why he had come, the passenger said that he had come for medical treatment. However, the authorities became suspicious as the passenger did not provide any proper medical documents.

The passenger was thoroughly examined. During the body check and scanning of his bag and sandals, suspicion was raised about the sandals he was wearing during the journey. When they were cut, the gold hidden in the four shelves was revealed in the form of pieces. In sandals, Rs. A senior customs official said that 4 gold pieces weighing 1.2 kg weighing 24 kg of purity worth Rs 69.40 lakh were seized.

Last Updated Mar 15, 2023, 2:17 PM IST

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