Soared crude oil prices.. Find out whether petrol and diesel prices have decreased or increased per liter today..

Petrol diesel prices in India have increased drastically. As a result, the graph of petrol and diesel prices continues to rise in the new financial year as well. Currently, this price hike has become a headache for private vehicle owners.

On the other hand we have to face the problem of increasing pollution (climate change). Most people tend to use public transport vehicles for short journeys except for long distance journeys, so currently climate change on one hand and inflation on the other are major concerns of the common consumer.

Crude oil prices rose marginally in the international market on Saturday. WTI crude was trading at $76.68 a barrel today, up $0.96 (1.27 percent). Also, the price of Brent crude rose by $1.19 dollars (1.46 percent) to $82.78 dollars per barrel.

Petrol-Diesel prices remained stable in most parts of the country today on March 8.

Petrol price in Delhi is Rs 96.72 per liter while diesel price is Rs 89.62. Petrol price in Chennai is Rs.102.73 per liter and diesel price is Rs.94.33 per liter.

The highest price of a liter of petrol in Mumbai is Rs.106.31. Diesel price per liter is Rs.94.27. Petrol price in Kolkata is Rs.106.03 per liter while diesel price is Rs.92.76.

Fuel prices in various cities in India on March 10:


Petrol: Rs. 101.94

Diesel: per liter Rs. 87.89


Petrol: Rs. 96.57

Diesel: per liter Rs. 89.76


Petrol: Rs. 108.65

Diesel: per liter Rs. 93.90

Gandhi Nagar

Petrol: Rs. 96.63

Diesel: per liter Rs. 92.38


Petrol: Rs. 109.66

Diesel: per liter Rs. 97.82


Petrol: Rs. 107.71

Diesel: per liter Rs. 96.52

Earlier, petrol and diesel prices were revised once every fortnight, i.e. on 1st to 16th of every month, petrol price and diesel price changed. However, a new scheme has been implemented under this since June 2017. Since then petrol prices are revised every day at 6 am.

How to check latest petrol-diesel prices in your city
Customers can check the latest petrol and diesel prices by texting the petrol pump “RSP dealer code to 9224992249.


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