Son kills father by hitting him with a hammer..cuts the body into pieces..puts it in a suit case…


First Published Mar 13, 2023, 8:19 AM IST

Gorakhpur: No matter what the reason, a man does not hesitate to kill. Killing is not easy. They cut the body into pieces and create the most terrifying situations. Such incidents are coming to light in recent times. In this same year, a man killed his own father in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. After that he cut the body into pieces and threw it away

The complete details regarding this incident are as follows.. A man brutally killed his 62-year-old father due to property disputes. In this regard, the police gave the details on Sunday. After murdering the father, the 30-year-old accused put the body in a suitcase and wanted to dispose of it. For this he cut the body into pieces. After that he put it in a suit case and threw it in the street behind the house.

The incident took place in Suraj Kund Colony under Tiwaripur Police Station on Saturday late night. On Sunday, the police registered a case on the complaint of Prashant Gupta, brother of the accused. The deceased was identified as Murali Dhar Gupta, father of the accused.

Superintendent of Police Krishna Kumar Bishnoi said the accused, identified as Santosh Kumar Gupta alias Prince, has been arrested. Property disputes in the family were the reason for the murder, he said. “The accused found that he was alone in his father’s house.. attacked him with a hammer. The victim could not withstand the blows and died on the spot. Then he brought a suitcase from his brother’s room and cut the body into pieces.. He put it in the suitcase. He hid the suitcase in the street behind the house”.

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According to the information of the accused’s brother, the police recovered the body parts and sent them for postmortem, the official said. The official said that further investigation has been started in the case.

Meanwhile, last December, a 21-year-old youth killed his father and cut him into 15 pieces in Bagalkot district of Karnataka. He then dumped the body parts of the father in a borehole in a field near the Mantoor Bypass Road. According to police sources, the deceased has been identified as Parashuram Kulali (54) and the accused as Vithal Kulali. The incident took place in Mudhol on December 6. As the husband was not found, the wife of the deceased filed a missing complaint in the police station. The police have started an investigation.

This incident came to light. Bagalkot SP Jayaprakash said that the accused Vithal confessed to the crime during the investigation. The deceased Parashuranki had two sons and three daughters. It is known that he was addicted to alcohol and quarreled with his family members. According to the police, 53-year-old Parasuram was addicted to alcohol and used to abuse Vitthal, the younger of his two sons. Parasuram’s wife and eldest son are living separately. On December 6, Parashuram got into a drunken argument with his son.

Enraged, the 20-year-old son attacked and killed his father with an iron rod. After killing his father, he tried to hide the body in a disused bore well. But he could not do that as the borehole was only 6-8 inches wide. With this, Vitthal’s father cut the dead body into pieces and threw the body parts into the borewell. Deceased’s wife Saraswati has been living separately with her elder son for the past few years. It is reported that Vitthal and Parasuram are living in the same house.

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