‘Speaking illegally’: Jairam Ramesh lashes out at Kiran Rijiju

Differences once again arose between the central government and the judiciary. Over the years, there has been increasing criticism of the central government’s interference in the independent judicial system. Union Law Minister Kiran Rijiju has repeatedly criticized the justice system by directly targeting it.

Once again, many comments were made on the judges. Some judges in the country have made sensational comments that they are part of the anti-India gang. Some retired judges have been accused of being part of an anti-India gang trying to make the judiciary play the role of opposition.

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh on Saturday was furious over Union Law Minister Kiran Rijiju’s comments. Jairam Ramesh expressed anger that the law minister is talking like an illegal. Jairam Ramesh tweeted on Kiran Rijiju.. “Law Minister promoting injustice. If this is not a threat to freedom after the speech then what is?” He said in a tweet.

What happened so far?

Law Minister Kiren Rijiju participated in the conclave organized by India Today in the national capital Delhi on Saturday. Speaking on the topic of ‘Accountability in the appointment of judges’, he said that it has changed to how the government influences the judiciary. Some retired and activist judges have made several comments that they are influencing and forcing the judiciary to play the role of the opposition in order to incite anti-national sentiments.

The Justice Minister said that judges are not part of any political affiliation. How can these people say that executive rule is necessary… how can they say this… no one will escape, those who turn against the country will have to pay, he said. The collegium system was criticized as a proof of Congress’ audacity.


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