Speaking in public ..just saying this in Telangana….What is this?

Natural Star Nani…has a good reputation as a leading man in family dramas…

Natural star Nani…has a good name as a hero of family drama films…but lately Nani has started changing his image by choosing films with different plots..films like Shyam Singharai brought him a new image..with that momentum Nani did more different plots. As part of the effort, it is known that Dussehra movie is being made on pan India level.. The teaser of the movie was released two weeks ago and it is hitting record views.. But at the end of the teaser, Nani said an objectionable joke in the dialogue. But then it didn’t become a big issue..it was fine till then..but on Monday, in the promotion of that film, hero Nani participated in the song launch event called Urivari. Nani himself said that dialogue in public in front of the media as part of the promotion to excite the fans.


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