Special thanks to Mahesh Babu and producer Nagavanshi for saving the life of another child

Superstar Mahesh Babu is a lifesaver for many children. He turned the darkness away from many families and turned into a light. Recently he saved another child from cardiac arrest. Superstar has become like a god of family.

Mahesh Babu Saved Another Child's Life Producer Naga Vamsi Tweet Viral

First Published Feb 23, 2023, 8:10 AM IST

Superstar Mahesh Babu has taken on the avatar of the God who cares for children. Through his foundation, he gave life to the hearts of many girls who were about to die. Mahesh Babu became God in the heart of children while performing heart operations. He is helping thousands of people till now.. but no one knows about this. This matter came out recently. Mahesh, who has already performed heart surgery on more than 2000 children, has now given life to another child.

Mahesh Babu has also set up a special organization for this work. The number of heart operations under his guidance is increasing day by day. Recently, Mahesh Babu performed a heart operation on another child. Star producer Nagavanshi himself revealed this on social media. Not only that, Mahesh and Namrata also thanked the couple. But there is a reason for Nagavanshi to say this. That is… the child has a problem… this star producer told the Mahesh Babu Trust. As for the actual matter.. According to the producer on social media…

Recently, producer Nagavanshi shared a photo of a child who has recovered with the help of Mahesh Babu Foundation.. A few weeks ago, one of my close friends called and said that a child needs urgent heart surgery. He asked for help to reach the Mahesh Babu Foundation in any way to help that poor family. They always go out of their way to help such poor families and children. I immediately conveyed this matter to the Mahesh Babu Foundation.. I told Namrata Gari personally. After that, Nagavanshi wrote to her saying that I have forwarded the complete details of the child’s family.

Namrata immediately responded and suggested the foundation staff to help the child. And now the surgery is over for the child. Fully recovered. The child’s house is full of happiness. All this is possible because of Mahesh and Namrata. The blessings of many thousands of such families are on that family. No one knows these things except those who have been helped come out. Producer Nagavamshi wrote to say thanks to Mahesh Babu.. especially to Namrata Gari.

Presently Mahesh Babu Trivikram’s SSMB28 movie is being produced by Nagavanshine. Pooja Hegde is playing the heroine and the shooting of this movie started recently after crossing some hurdles. Mahesh Babu is looking to complete the movie super fast and get ready for Rajamouli’s movie.

Last Updated Feb 23, 2023, 8:10 AM IST

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