Stalled wedding.. Vasant who shocked Malavika as his own elder sister?


First Published Mar 6, 2023, 1:31 PM IST

At the beginning of the episode, he says that if it is a register marriage, it will be so simple. But he says look there. The band will be ready there. Everyone dances happily and goes to the register office. He goes to the person working there and tells the names of Chitra and Vasant.

While he is looking at those papers, Yash says Vinnie also sees a good relationship, let’s get married. That’s when Vinnie tells me what’s the build. Everyone laughs at those words. On the other hand, Sulochana sees the person who is looking at the documents and knows that he is using Agrahara and puts it into words. He also says sweetly that son-in-law’s is also agraharam.

No, Malabar means there are no boys in our Agrahara, he says. Yash says why there is delay, whatever objections. We put it but no one raised any objection. I will take these papers and go to the register.

On the other hand, Bhramarambika is talking to Siddhanthi, pointing to Malavika who has just come there. They have carefully looked at the horoscopes of both of them. Siddhanthi Garu says that these two are a lovely couple who have come together as if they were born for each other. Bramarambika says if everything is so good then why is the marriage delayed.

Siddhanthi garu says that a girl and a boy should not be in the same house apart from marriage. Abhi says there is no solution for this. There is a solution but you have to admit it, says Siddhanthi. Malavika says I am ready to do anything to become Abhimanyu’s wife. But first you should leave this house and leave this house before the marriage both husband and wife should not stay in the same house, Malavika garu should stay away from this house till marriage says Siddhanthi garu.

Abhi says I will not agree. Malvika says I agree. Think about it, we have been thinking of getting married since six years but it keeps getting postponed. We need to marry you only then we can rise in the society. Malvika says I will make some people bow before me. Siddhanti garu asks if there are any birth attendants to take you from this house as a scientist as you are ready to go.

Bharrambika says she gave up and came here. Malavika shocks Abhi by saying that I have blood relatives. On the other hand, all the family members go to the register together. There the registrar knows that there are no legal subjects and first you sign then the witnesses sign and finally I sign. Then he says that he is married. Sulochana asks if the dandas can be exchanged as per our tradition.

Changeable is called register. As Sharma gives garlands to Chitra and Vasanth and they are about to change, a man comes and objects. Everyone will be shocked at once. According to the Hindu Marriage Act, the upcoming marriage should be conducted legally, a complaint should be filed in the register notice, there should not be any legal presiding officer, but the man shows the documents saying that there is a slight objection to this marriage.

After seeing the document, the registrar says that he cannot perform this marriage. Yash asks the person who has given legal objection to this marriage. Everyone is more shocked to see Malvika who is Nene from behind. Everyone goes to her. Veda says who are you to stop my sister’s marriage? Shows Yash saying ask all these useless questions not here but there. Get the answer from your husband and if you can do this marriage.

I’ll see how they do and I’ll stay here until then. Take as much time as you need, no matter what you do, get your sister married, I will see to it, she challenges. Ask your husband, who is standing in silence while I am talking, why is he not opening his mouth, why is he bowing his head in front of me? Malvika says why did I stop this marriage from happening? Yash stops Vasanth who is going to go to Malvika in a rage.

Veda is confused as to what is happening. As Malavika leaves, Veda looks at her husband questioningly. After everyone comes home, I don’t understand why this happened, I am so confused as to why Malavika came and stopped the wedding, says the Sharma couple. Even though I don’t like Vasant’s method, what right does Malavi have to object to this marriage? He should have spoken, but he didn’t say a single word, how upset Chitra was.

As soon as she came, she went into the room and closed the door. I can’t bear to imagine the condition of the film, its heart will be broken after receiving such a backlash. Sulochana says she is afraid that she will do it. Sharma says go and see, you can console him yourself.

In the next part, Veda comes to Yash, who is alone, and asks why he is stopping this marriage. Yash says I can’t answer your questions. Vasant comes there saying I will tell him and tells the horrible truth that Malavika is my elder sister which I am ashamed to tell. Veda is suddenly shocked.

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