Stray dog ​​attack on old lady.. Severe injuries after biting nose..


First Published Mar 2, 2023, 8:13 AM IST

Mahbubabad: Many incidents of dog attacks are coming to light in Telangana. Incidents of dogs attacking not only children but also old people are frightening. Recently, an incident that came to light in Thorruru mandal of Mahabubabad district caused a stir. An old woman named Seelam Rambayamma was attacked by dogs. She was sitting in front of her house when a dog attacked her and bit her badly on the nose.

The family members who noticed her screaming loudly at this sudden incident immediately shook the dog and took her to MGM Hospital in Warangal for treatment. Not only Rambayamma but also four others in the same village were attacked and injured by the dogs. Dogs are also attacking and injuring livestock. Seelam Sammanna and Jyoti were among the injured in the dog attack.

An incident similar to Naveen’s murder in Nizamabad.. The murder of a friend because he loved his girlfriend…!!

Meanwhile, in a hospital in Rajasthan’s Sirohi district, a baby girl was taken away by stray dogs and bitten to death. The police said that the one-month-old baby was sleeping next to her mother in the TB ward of the hospital. CCTV footage showed that two dogs entered the TB ward of the hospital late on Monday night and one of them returned with a baby. SHO Kotwali Sitaram said that the child’s father was admitted to the hospital for tuberculosis treatment.

Along with him, his wife Rekha is in the hospital with their three children, including a one-month-old baby. He said that the incident took place while the child’s mother was fast asleep. The official said that the hospital staff was also not in the TB ward when the incident took place. “The post-mortem was conducted by the medical board. A case will be registered in this regard after further investigation,” the SHO said. On the other hand, the hospital management has also started an investigation into this.

“The patient attendant was sleeping. The hospital guard was in another ward. I have not seen the CCTV footage of the incident. I can talk about it only after investigation,” Acting Principal Medical Officer, Sirohi District Hospital, Virendra told reporters. A stray dog ​​killed a one-month-old child who was sleeping next to her mother in a government hospital in Rajasthan’s Sirohi district on Tuesday. They said that the child’s body was found outside the hospital ward.

The child’s father alleged that the hospital officials and the police forced his wife to sign blank papers without informing him and forced him to perform the last rites of his child. “The hospital authorities and the police took my wife’s signature on blank papers. They cremated my son without informing me. I could not even see my son’s face,” said Meena.

The hospital management has also started an inquiry into the matter. Condemning this incident, BJP district president Narayan Purohit said that the hospital authorities should be held responsible for this incident. He said that it is a complete failure of the hospital management, stray dogs are roaming in the hospital, but the Chief Minister and local MLAs have changed the landscape of medical facilities in the state.

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