Strict measures to prevent cheating.. CCTVs in exam hall.. 6.5 lakh students are silent for exams

Uttar Pradesh High School and Intermediate Board Exams have been made with CCTV cameras and other strict arrangements to prevent cheating, so most of the students writing the exam are keeping silent. On Tuesday alone, 1.7 lakh students were absent from the Maths exam.

cctvs in exam centres, stringent measures against copying over 6.5 lakh students absent kms

First Published Feb 22, 2023, 6:34 PM IST

Lucknow: High school and intermediate board exams are going on in Uttar Pradesh. Officials are making strict arrangements to prevent students from practicing malpractice. With the establishment of a network of CCTV cameras and strict surveillance, it is understood that the students are keeping silent during the exams. Since last week, 6.5 lakh students have been absent from many papers due to strict measures taken to prevent cheating. Class 10 Maths Subject Exam was held on Tuesday. If 1.7 lakh students are silent on the day of this paper, then the situation can be understood.

We are succeeding in stopping the education mafia. Using the network of CCTV cameras, the government is closely monitoring the examination centres, superintendents and room invigilators,’ said Secondary Education Council Secretary Divya Kant Shukla.

Friday’s exam showed signs that students are keeping quiet due to strict measures. On that day, 4.5 lakh students from class 10th and 12th failed the exams. Hindi paper of the day. 4.5 lakh students were absent without writing that paper.

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Officials of the High School and Intermediate Education Board revealed that 7,083 people have been assigned responsibility in the control room to check the CCTVs on the day of the 12th class maths paper exam.

Officials explained that FIRs were registered based on specific complaints. As many as 14 solvers, many of whom were fake candidates, were booked for their alleged involvement in cheating. As of Tuesday, 24 students (16 Class 10 boys, seven Class 10 girls, one Class 12 boy) were caught cheating.

Four fake candidates caught in Varanasi on Maths paper.

Last Updated Feb 22, 2023, 6:34 PM IST

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