Taliban participating in the program conducted by India

The Taliban have written a letter to participate in the program organized by India. An online course is being conducted under the Union Ministry of External Affairs. Enrollments were made from more than 160 countries. Surprisingly, Afghanistan also joined it.

Taliban to participate in a course conducted by Indian foreign ministry

First Published Mar 14, 2023, 6:31 PM IST

New Delhi: The Taliban are going to participate in a program organized by the Indian government. The Taliban have sent a letter saying that they will participate in an online course to be organized by the Union Ministry of External Affairs. This course is conducted by IIM Kolicode. This online course is going to be conducted under the Union Ministry of External Affairs as a part of Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC). Foreign countries including Afghanistan can participate in this online program.

The ITEC website said that the An Indian Immersion Program will be conducted online from March 14 to 17. This online course provides an in-depth understanding of India’s business environment, cultural heritage and regulatory ecosystem.

About 2 lakh officials from over 160 countries have enrolled to participate in this program organized by ITEC, which works under the Union Ministry of External Affairs.

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A letter came out with the letterhead of the Institute of Diplomacy working under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan. The letter is with an appeal to participate in the ITEC programme.

Many countries are participating in this program. But, the decision of the Taliban is a surprise. Because India has not yet recognized the Taliban government. However, India is providing assistance to Afghanistan which is in crisis.

Last Updated Mar 14, 2023, 6:31 PM IST

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