TDP government in 2024.. No need to fear cases.. : Nara Lokesh

TDP national general secretary Nara Lokesh: TDP national general secretary Nara Lokesh said that Chandrababu Naidu will take oath as Chief Minister in May next year. TDP leader Nara Lokesh’s state-wide Padayatra Yuvagalam has reached its 33rd day. Lokesh said in a huge public meeting organized in Kothapeta in Punganur Assembly Constituency that once the TDP government comes to power, all the sins committed by Jagan Mohan Reddy’s government will be cleansed. He called upon the people of the state to hoist the yellow flag, saying that change in their lives is possible only with the yellow flag. He said that he will take the responsibility of singing the end of the atrocities of the ruling YCP leaders. He advised the party workers not to be afraid of false cases filed against them. He reminded that about 20 cases have been registered against him so far.

He said that those who are facing such false cases will be honored when TDP comes to power and all such cases will be removed. He made it clear that if Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy cooperates with his padayatra, it will be a padayatra or else it will be an invasion. Calling the people to confine Jagan to Tadepalli Palace permanently and local MLA Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy to his house, Lokesh said that in the last 30 years, nothing has been done for the MLA’s constituency. He advised the people that if the TDP flag is hoisted in Punganur, you will see for yourself what development means. He said that more than 100 farmers have lost their lands due to Nettiguntapalli reservoir and they will get proper compensation as soon as TDP comes to power. Reiterating that fear is not in his dictionary, he said that all sections, including the police department, are victims of this wicked regime.

Meanwhile, Nara Lokesh started Yuvagalam padayatra on the 33rd day from Kommireddyvari village in Punganur constituency. At Poshanvaripalli, women stood along the roads and greeted him. The young leader was welcomed in Kothapet with great fanfare. TDP cadres said that Lokesh has walked 437 kilometers in the Yuvagalam Padayatra so far. In the course of his journey, the representatives of SC and ST Innova Car Beneficiaries Association met Lokesh at Pulicharla and submitted a petition regarding their problems. On this occasion, Lokesh assured them that when the TDP comes to power, they will ensure that the vehicles required by the government departments are rented from the SC and ST beneficiaries.


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