The actress accused Allu Arjun of blocking me.. Bunny immediately responded.. What happened?

The heroine alleged that icon star Allu Arjun blocked her on Twitter. She expressed her grief on Twitter with skin shots. It became interesting that Bunny immediately unblocked.

Varudu Heroine Bhanu Sri Mehra alleged that Allu Arjun blocked her twitter

First Published Mar 18, 2023, 6:10 PM IST

Icon star Allu Arjun’s craze has increased after ‘Pushpa’. Huge fan following has increased in South as well as North. On this occasion, many actors including young actresses are trying to act opposite him. But now it is interesting that a heroine who has acted with Bunny in the past is making accusations against him. Bunny expressed her grief that she was blocked on social media. She also shared screen shots related to this and publicly questioned.

Who do you think is the heroine making so much noise? None other than Bhanu Sri Mehra who acted opposite Allu Arjun in the past. It is known that Allu Arjun – Bhanushree Mehra acted in the film ‘Broom’ which was released exactly 12 years ago in this month (March). Bhanushree’s career as a heroine started with this film. Even if the movie didn’t do much, it was a memorable movie for the fans. Bhanu Shree got opportunities from time to time.

However, this beauty recently accused Allu Arjun of blocking her on Twitter. Bunny took a screenshot of the blocked page on Twitter and posted it on Twitter. ‘I acted opposite Bunny in Varudu. Still not much chance. Still trying. At such a time Allu Arjun blocked me on Twitter. Subscribe’ she tweeted. After two or three hours, Allu Arjun unblocked her. Tweeted again on this.

In another tweet… ‘Great news… Allu Arjun has unblocked me. Not blaming him for setting back my career. I am learning to smile through my troubles and move on. Stay tuned for more good ones ahead. Also thanks to Allu Arjun. But what happened between Allu Arjun and that heroine. Why did he block her? No one understands why he unblocked again within hours of her accusation. To this extent, fans continue to post comments. Currently, Allu Arjun is acting in ‘Pushpa The Rule’.

Last Updated Mar 18, 2023, 6:10 PM IST

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