The central government, which shocked the film celebrities, is not going to do that anymore

The central government gave a shock to the celebrities. In the new guide lines.. I felt aura. The fans and the audience were bound not to be misled. What happened so far..?

Central Government New Guidelines for celebrities

First Published Mar 7, 2023, 6:51 PM IST

Not to mention the craze of cinematographers. Their influence is good in fans and common people. And if they see them, apart from wanting to fly and touch them, there are many people who follow them madly for the things they use and also the food. In order to cash in on this following, various companies are baiting celebrities and advertising their products. But our people buy it without knowing whether they actually use it or not.. without knowing how much truth is in it. Those who are uneducated in this program may think that they are doing it because of being mad at the stars. But educated people also use it like this.

Not only that, there have been more advertisements without any relation to the actual celebrities.. that product. When star heroes talk about masala powders and cooking oils, people think they are great and use them. I don’t even think about whether it is actually what they use. If this is the case..some consumers..hearing what a certain celebrity said and used a certain product..knowing that it is a product..they are suing the star celebrities. Recently, such cases have increased a lot. The courts are giving a shock to the celebrities by ruling in favor of the consumers.

There are also many consumers who have complained about the brand and the celebrities who promoted it. Lately these cases are increasing… but there is no change in brand promotion. Especially in health and beauty related products, credibility is lacking. Dissatisfaction is left for those who trust celebrities and use the products. While many people are going to the courts, some people are being shifted to another product saying that they will use the product used by another celebrity.

The central government, moved by the hardships of the consumers, took a key decision. It has released new guidelines for celebrities on brand promotions. Department of Consumer Affairs has released these guidelines. The government has made it clear that celebrities must consume any product or service before promoting it.

It is stated that the experiences encountered through them should be publicized. She said that the campaign should also be in a common language that everyone can understand. Advertisements through photo or videos should be clear. It has been revealed that it is a crime to advertise about the qualities that are not present in a product. It is clear that it will be treated as a misleading campaign. This has shocked the celebrities. It remains to be seen how far they will follow these guidelines. How much change will come in the people.

Last Updated Mar 7, 2023, 6:51 PM IST

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