The daughter-in-law who killed her aunt by beating her with a rod because the tea was not hot…

The daughter-in-law gives hot tea to the victim Palaniyammal every morning. However, on the morning of the incident, the tea given to them was not hot, and an argument broke out between the two, which led to this atrocity.

daughter-in-law killed her aunt by beating her with a rod during argument over tea is not hot in tamilnadu - bsb

First Published Mar 10, 2023, 8:25 AM IST

Tamil Nadu: A terrible incident came to light in Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu. The local police arrested a woman in the murder case. She was arrested in the case of brutally killing her own aunt. She killed her aunt by hitting her on the head with an iron rod because she said that the chai she was given was cold. The incident took place in a village in Vairali Malalai of Pudukottai district in Tamil Nadu. The accused was identified as Ganuku. The details given by the police in this regard are as follows.

Ganuku is married to a man who owns a bicycle repair shop in Vairali Malalai. After that she was living in the same house in Vairali Malalai along with her husband and in-laws. It seems that the accused has some mental problem. Her family members are treating her for this. It seems that she was not taking her medication for two days before the incident. It is reported that he is mentally unstable.

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The victim has been identified as Falaniyammal. Every morning Aunt Phalaniammal is served hot tea by her daughter-in-law Ganu. On Thursday morning she also served tea. However, as the tea was not hot… it got cold, Kodali said. Ganuku got into an argument with her aunt. The aunt screamed loudly at the daughter-in-law. This made the daughter-in-law angry. In addition to this, her lack of medication for two days also contributed to the severity of the problem.
Losing her sense completely, she took the iron rod from the bicycle repair shop and attacked her on the head. Those who noticed this immediately took Atta Falaniammal to Vairali Malalai Government Hospital for treatment. She succumbed to her injuries before reaching the hospital. Wale and Palaniyammal of Malaikkudipatti have three daughters and one son. Phalaniammal will be with the son.

Last Updated Mar 10, 2023, 8:25 AM IST

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