The graduates gave an unexpected shock to the ruling YCP.. Has the “mood” changed?.. Is Pawan also in trouble..!!


First Published Mar 18, 2023, 9:12 PM IST

Andhra Pradesh MLC election results have become a hot topic of discussion. The reason for this is that the opposition TDP won the three MLC seats held in the quota of graduates. In 2019, YCP came to power with a huge majority. Since then YCP has won every election in the state. The opposition TDP has had a bitter experience on several occasions. But accusing YCP of committing electoral irregularities, TDP has also stayed away from some elections related to local bodies.

However, everyone is interested in the MLC elections that are taking place at a time when the state assembly elections are only one year away. Elections were held for a total of 14 MLC seats (9 local bodies, two teachers and three graduates).. YCP won 5 local body seats unanimously. While polling was conducted for the remaining 4 local bodies, two teacher and three graduate positions, the YCP won the rest of the positions except for the three graduate positions. But there is an opinion in the political circles that the ruling YCP has received a shock in this election.

The atmosphere of YCP in local organizations is as expected..
YCP has absolute majority in respect of local bodies. YCP won those seats very easily. Having won five seats unopposed unanimously, the remaining four seats faced competition but won a huge victory. However, as the YCP got an absolute majority in the local body elections in the past.

Majority in Upadhyaya MLC election is less..
When it comes to teacher positions.. there are West Rayalaseema and East Rayalaseema positions. YCP candidates won in this. But there was a fierce battle in these two positions. With this, the YCP candidates got a very small majority. YCP candidate MV Ramachandra Reddy, who won in West Rayalaseema Upadhyaya Constituency, got a majority of 169 votes, while YCP candidate Parvathareddy Chandrasekhar Reddy, who won East Rayalaseema Upadhyaya Constituency, got a majority of 1,043 votes.

However, analysis shows that many teachers’ unions competing separately have come together well for the ruling YCP. There is opposition to the YCP government among the government teachers, and it is being heard from the teachers’ unions that private teachers are more likely to vote for the candidates of the ruling party.

Unexpectedly shocked graduates..
But when it comes to the MLC seats of the three graduates, there are North Andhra, East Rayalaseema and West Rayalaseema seats. However, in North Andhra and East Rayalaseema, TDP candidates got a good majority, but in West Rayalaseema, a fierce battle was going on between TDP and YCP. However, TDP candidate Bhumi Reddy Ramagopal Reddy won by counting the second preference votes. This gave YCP an unexpected shock.

Because the areas of these three MLC constituencies cover a total of 108 assembly constituencies, there are also analyzes that this effect will have on the assembly elections.

A backlash against the three Radhans..?
Many are linking MLC elections with three capitals. Within a few months of YCP coming to power, the attitude of the three capitals was brought to the fore. It says that Visakha will be taken as the administrative capital.. Kurnool will be made the judicial capital.. Amaravati will be the legislative capital. However, it is clear from the latest results that the graduates in those areas have not considered these matters. While the YCP leaders are saying that the administration will soon start from Visakhapatnam and Kurnool will be the judicial capital, the YCP leaders are saying that Rayalaseema and South Coast region is their stronghold for the party. It was in this order that the party’s victory in the MLC elections was certain.

Even Jagan, who is saying Y NOT 175 in the next election, is thinking of a clean sweep in the MLC elections. As a result, ministers, MLAs and other public representatives of those areas campaigned on behalf of the YCP candidate. On the other hand, there have been accusations that the ruling party has committed temptations and abuse of power. A video of Minister Usha Sri Charan saying that money should be distributed to voters has also gone viral on social media.

But no matter what anyone’s accusations are, the graduates have crowned TDP. The graduates did not pay much attention to the words of the party leaders who wanted the YCP candidate to win with such a huge majority because they welcomed the capital of Visakhapatnam to Uttarandhra. This shows that they do not believe the sentiment of the three capitals that the YCP is saying (or) they do not care much about it.

Is the government’s opposition clear?
The MLC elections make it clear that apart from the teachers, there is clear opposition to the YCP government among the graduates as well. Since most of the graduates are middle class and upper middle class voters, the opposition parties are alleging that there is opposition to the government in those sections as well. On the other hand, the YCP leaders said that this election is a semi-final for the assembly elections. YVP Subbareddy, a key leader of YCP, said that if you see that this election is semi-final, you can understand how ambitious YCP has taken this election. Moreover, the leaders of that party expressed full confidence in winning the elections. But the graduates judged differently.

It must be said that the YCP, which has been winning since taking power in this order, was given a shock in the form of MLC elections for graduates. Allegations made by the opposition that there is opposition to the government among the people.. The results of this MLC election are strengthening to some extent. And how will YCP accept this. How will it be prepared for the upcoming assembly elections, it remains to be seen.

Are MLC election results also a problem for Pawan?
It must be said that Telugu Desam Party winning three MLC seats is an embarrassing situation for Janasena’s Pawan Kalyan as well. There are signs that the TDP-Janasena alliance will move ahead in the next elections. But the Jana Sena activists want Pawan to become the CM. On the other hand, it seems that Pawan is also demanding more seats to go with TDP. Pawan has been saying that they will think about alliances only if they are given due respect. But can TDP, which is in a frenzy with the results of the MLC elections, insist on giving the seats that Pawan did not want? Will Chandrababu agree to that? The answer seems to be that it is difficult.

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