The groom died in the wedding hall as he couldn’t stand the sound of the DJ.


First Published Mar 4, 2023, 1:07 PM IST

Patna: A tragic incident has come to light in Bihar’s Patna. A groom died of a heart attack because he couldn’t stand the sound of the DJ at his wedding.
The incident took place in Indarwa village of Sitamarhi district on Wednesday late night. The groom died of a heart attack shortly after exchanging garlands with the bride and groom at the wedding venue. With this, all the people in the mandapa were deeply saddened. According to family members, the groom found the DJ music annoying during his ‘var mala’ ceremony. Feeling uncomfortable with the high decibel noise, he collapsed on the stage.

Surendra Kumar (22) of Manithar village in Sitamarhi came as a procession to the bride’s house in Indarva village on Wednesday. Everyone was happy to see the groom on stage. After a while the bride also reached the stage. The couple exchanged garlands. It was at that time that DJ music grew exponentially. His friends in the procession started dancing with redoubled enthusiasm.

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The witnesses said that the sound frequency noises which were extreme disturbed the groom. He repeatedly asked them to lower the volume or at least keep the DJ away, but no one heeded his pleas “Suddenly we saw the groom collapse on the stage. He was immediately rushed to a local hospital, but the doctors declared him brought dead,” local villager Rannandan Roy told local media. His last rites were performed in his hometown on Thursday.

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The current trend is to violate the guidelines issued by the regulatory body. This incident highlights that excessive sound can cause serious health problems. The Bihar State Pollution Control Board has recommended a sound limit of 55 decibels during the day and 45 decibels at night for residential areas. People are violating these even though there are severe penalties for doing so. It can lead to ear drum problems, heart related problems, insomnia, lung related diseases, but people are not aware of it,” BS PCB Chairman Ashok Kumar Ghosh said on Friday.

According to the details, loudspeakers and DJs are banned from playing after 10 pm. Orders were issued to play music within the prescribed limits. “But it should be known that we are only an advisory body. Even if we inform the district administration, we are not authorized to enforce the order,” Ghosh added. The use of DJs and loudspeakers during other social events will continue unhindered. No one takes it seriously,” said ENT specialist Dr Prabhat Shankar.

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