The groom looks forward to the bride… cute and romantic!

Kiara-Siddharth’s marriage between close friends ended. After three days of marriage, Kiara shared a romantic moment from the wedding for fans.

Kiara Adavani shares a video of romantic moments in her marriage

First Published Feb 10, 2023, 5:22 PM IST

The bride entered while the groom was waiting for the bride in the Suryaghad fort premises. The doors of the fort were opened and the sun’s rays broke through the darkness and enveloped the bride. The bride appeared like a goddess in a canopy of pearls. The bridegroom could not wait even for a moment when the bride appeared. The bride teased him mischievously. When Pema reached her, he fell in a daze and showered her with kisses.

These adorable moments between bride Kiara and groom Siddharth Malhotra were captured on video during the wedding ceremony. Kiara shared the video on her Instagram. Siddharth-Kiara’s wedding video is mesmerizing while the song ‘Ranja’ from Shersha’s film playing in the background is playing in the background. A specially composed set. I couldn’t help but admire the couple who seemed to be made for each other. Bollywood celebs send their best wishes. The wishes of the fans are pouring in.

Kiara and Siddharth have been dating for almost five years. Siddharth met Kiara for the first time at a party organized by the unit on the occasion of the completion of the Lust Stories series shoot. The acquaintance that started then got stronger on Shershaw movie sets. Love turned into marriage.

They never made an official announcement about their love. They have come to deny the news. Due to this, there was a doubt whether their relationship would lead to marriage or not. On February 7, Siddharth tied a tali around Kiara’s neck and adopted her. They have an agreement not to make any announcements until the wedding. That’s why even a few days before the wedding, Siddharth indirectly denied the marriage news.

Last Updated Feb 10, 2023, 5:22 PM IST

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