The guys who flocked to see Anasuya… what’s so crazy Sammy!

People are stunned to see the craze of actress Anasuya. The boys jumped up to see her. Anasuya came to Palasa in the state of Andhra Pradesh. She came to Palasa for the opening of a shopping mall. On hearing about Anasuya’s arrival, the youth reached there in large numbers. Anasuya entertained her fans with her speech. The city of Palasa was full of people. Anasuya shared photos and videos related to her visit to Palasa on her Instagram account.

Anasuya gained popularity as an anchor of Jabardasth. Later she became an actress. It is known that Anasuya, who is doing lady oriented films as the heroine, has completely stopped anchoring. In this way, she was away from television controversies. He indirectly said that some of the things he does as an anchor have to be done against his will. Recently she has made terrible allegations against television shows. He indirectly said that he quit anchoring because he didn’t like the show management doing useless things for TRP. Anasuya mainly targets Jabardasth who gave her life.

Also, Anasuya, who is busy as an actress, does not need to do anchoring. She has countless projects on her hands. Anasuya is officially acting in Pushpa 2 and Rangamarthanda. It is reported that some other projects are under discussion. Anasuya for one call sheet Rs. 3 lakhs are being taken. It is known that Anasuya is playing the villain role in Pushpa 2. The audience is interested in Anasuya’s role in the movie Rangamarthanda directed by Krishnavamshi.

Social media trolling on Anasuya has increased recently. Anasuya is fighting a war on this. Actions are being taken against those who have behaved excessively. In the meantime, she lodged a complaint against a person and jailed him. Celebrities generally ignore netizens’ comments. Anasuya reacts. Will try to answer.


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