The High Court allowed the man who killed his mother and cooked her body parts to attend his daughter’s wedding.

MUMBAI: The Bombay High Court has allowed a man convicted of killing his mother and eating her body parts to attend his daughter’s wedding under a police escort. This incident, which came to light in 2021 in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, caused a lot of panic locally. Kolhapur man Sunil Rama Koochkoravi, accused in this incident, has been sentenced to death by the court in July 2021.

The High Court affirmed that capital punishment should be carried out by hanging for murder. The judge commented on the occasion that this case is extremely shocking and creates fear in the society. During the hearing on Monday, lawyer Yug Mohit Chaudhary, who is appearing on behalf of Coochkoravi, argued that the motive for killing his mother is not yet known and explained that the incident took place under the influence of alcohol.

“We don’t know his intentions. His family was also shocked by this incident. Everyone says he is a wonderful person. He has no criminal record and no false accusations. An unblemished record. However, he had frequent headaches, so he drank alcohol. He said that he committed this atrocity in that drunken state.

Advocate Chaudhary said that temporary bail may be granted for a week to attend the daughter’s marriage. However, a bench comprising Justices AS Gadkari and PD Naik said they were not willing to grant interim bail, but would allow the accused to marry with a police escort. When the lawyer said that the accused belonged to below poverty line sections of the society and could not afford the escort charges, the bench agreed to waive the charges.

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“Since the convict’s daughter is married… we allow him to be brought out of jail for three days,” the bench said. The court allowed the accused to be produced on February 23-25, 2023 from 9 am to 6 pm. The court ordered him to be brought back to jail by 6 pm.

The state government filed a confirmation petition (for death penalty) in the High Court in 2021 itself. The certification petition is yet to be heard. Meanwhile, the accused applied for interim bail to attend his daughter’s wedding.

Meanwhile, a local court in Maharashtra’s Kolhapur sentenced a 35-year-old laborer to death in July 2021, for killing his mother and eating her body parts. The judge opined that this incident has shaken everyone in the society. The court opined that it was not just a murder but involved “extreme brutality, shamelessness”.

The judge also observed that there was no remorse in the conduct of the accused after this act. Speaking during the verdict, the court said, “Words cannot describe the pain the mother went through. He committed this crime of not paying for alcohol. He took the life of his helpless mother. It is a disgrace to motherhood.”

In August 2017, Sunil Rama Kuchakoravi killed his mother. Soon after the murder, a child from Kuchkoravi’s neighborhood saw him standing near his mother’s body with blood stains on it. Neighbors called the police after the child screamed and cried.

Police Inspector Bhausaheb Malgunde, who reached the spot and made a preliminary examination, found the body lying in a pool of blood and the organs were exposed. The police found the mother’s heart in a tray and other organs on an oil tin. The police had to rescue Koochkoravi from the angry mob after witnessing the incident.

According to the prosecution, Kuchukoravi was an alcoholic. His wife left him because he often got drunk and beat his wife. He is staying with his mother. But he was addicted to alcohol and always quarreled with her demanding pension.


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