The husband who strangled his wife and put her in the house.. the husband who went to work.

A man killed his wife out of suspicion, kept the dead body in the house, locked it and went to work. After returning in the evening…

man strangles wife and leaves body in house, goes to work in Maharashtra - bsb

First Published Mar 14, 2023, 1:12 PM IST

Maharashtra: A man strangled his wife to death. After that he locked himself in the house and went to work as if he didn’t know anything. After that, when he returned in the evening, he went to the police station and surrendered. This incident took place in Maharashtra. Police have arrested a man in Maharashtra’s Palghar district who confessed to killing his wife and surrendered.

The accused, a resident of Nalasopara, strangled his wife to death in the early hours of Monday (March 14), Palhar police station official said. After murdering his wife, the man went to work as usual. After coming out of work in the evening, he informed the police about the murder and surrendered. The police said that the accused killed his wife on suspicion of his wife. After killing the wife, the man went to work as usual. After returning from work in the evening, he informed the police about the murder and surrendered. This brought the matter to light.

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Meanwhile, a similar incident came to light in Chittoor, AP. A lustful man killed the mother and daughters. A girl was sexually assaulted. After the case was proved, on Monday, the special women’s court in Chittoor sentenced the person to life imprisonment. Syed Moulali (47) of Gangireddy Colony in Tamballapalli Mandal of Chittoor District was sentenced. He is in the business of leasing fish ponds and selling fish. The husband of 37-year-old Saralamma, who belonged to a tribal Tanda in the same mandal, died. In this process Maulali got to know her. Both of them have been living together for several years. She has three daughters. Mother is also with her. In this process, Moulali became suspicious of Saralamma. He had a quarrel at night at the farm saying that she was talking to other men on the phone. He hit her hard on the head with the stick that was there.

After she died from these blows, her body was dumped in the Pedderi project. Saralamma’s mother Gangulamma questioned Maulali as to where her daughter had gone since she was not seen. So Moulali told Gangulamma that she would come at dawn and he believed her. After sleeping, he strangulated her with a piece of her saree. After that he took Saralamma’s mother Gangulamma’s body and threw it in a pond. Saralamma’s daughters.. After waking up.. where are mother and grandmother, questioned Maulali. He said that their mother and grandmother got Corona…so they were admitted to the hospital. In this order, he used to stay at home with them.. he used to sleep at home.

During this time, one day he sexually assaulted the grandmother. He threatened to kill her if she told anyone. He continued this brutality for a month. After that he moved them from there and kept them in a house in Gounipalle, Karnataka. While this is happening on one side, on the other side… Saralamma, her mother Gangulamma and her three daughters are missing… the relatives got suspicious.

They filed a complaint at the police station and a case was registered. The police started an investigation and interrogated Syed Moulali. After that he was arrested. The charges were proved in court. With this, the judge found the accused guilty and sentenced him to remain in prison till death.

Last Updated Mar 14, 2023, 1:12 PM IST

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