The man who killed and dismembered a woman in Kashmir.. Protesters demand that the accused should be hanged

In Jammu and Kashmir, a woman was brutally murdered by a man from Budgam district and her body was cut into pieces and dumped in different places. When the family approached the police that the woman was missing, the investigation began. Meanwhile, the protestors protesting in front of the accused’s house are demanding that he be hanged.

woman killed and body chopped up jammu kashmir by known person, accused should be hanged demands protesters

First Published Mar 12, 2023, 7:34 PM IST

Srinagar: A brutal murder has taken place in Jammu and Kashmir. A man who brutally killed a young woman cut the body into pieces and dumped the body parts in different places. The incident came to light after the family members approached the police about the girl who went missing a week ago. When the police questioned the man with suspicion, the real matter came to light. On learning this, the locals staged a dharna in front of the accused’s house. They demanded that the accused should be hanged. The incident took place in Budgam district of Jammu and Kashmir.

According to the police, a 45-year-old carpenter named Shabir Ahmed was an acquaintance of the 30-year-old woman who died. The woman was kidnapped by Shabir Ahmed a week ago. He killed her and cut her into pieces. Police said that her body parts were dumped in different places.

Locals staged a large-scale protest in front of the accused’s house. He said that the accused should be handed over to them and the victim should suffer the same fate as the accused. They said that such an incident is rare among the rare, therefore, the punishment should also be on the same level.

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Police sources say that the woman was recently engaged and accused Shabir Ahmed may have objected to the engagement. Her family members informed the police that she went missing on March 7.

The real matter came out when the police detained the carpenter and questioned him. Her body parts were recovered.

Last Updated Mar 12, 2023, 7:34 PM IST

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