The mother who cheated Yash’s daughters.. Malvika shocked everyone by pointing a gun at herself!


First Published Mar 9, 2023, 10:18 AM IST

In the beginning of the episode, Khushi says you should play Holi with daddy anyway. I will definitely do that for you, my guarantee says Veda. In the meantime, Yash comes there being careful that no one pours colors on him. If Vinnie tries to put colors on him, he says no. When you see Veda, you become a doctor.

However, if I get an allergy, how many health problems will arise, that’s why I avoid colors from the beginning, he gets annoyed. Yash refuses when Vasant tries to put colors on him. Vinni says what is your problem, these are just colors. Yash says I don’t want leave me. Veda says play this one day for our happiness.

Shut your mouth and don’t make me angry, he shouts at Veda, I am not a workaholic like you, I have a lot of work in the office, I am very busy and leaves from there, he gives a dialogue saying, “Don’t come in my way”. Everyone there looks like yes. On the other hand, Khushi tries to color Veda.

Veda goes and hides behind Yash. Khushi says you don’t get in the way daddy I will shower mummy with colors today. Yash says she is your darling daughter, but you have played well so far. Veda says that you said you should not play because it is an allergy.

Yash catches Vedani saying that she is a child, you can hit her but she shouldn’t hit you. Veda, who is in Yash’s hands, hugs Khushi. Khushi understands and gestures ok. Just in time to hit Khushi, Veda steps aside. Colors fall on Yash. Everyone laughs as if the plan is successful and they also throw colors on Yash.

Khushi says sorry daddy, if you were going to hit mommy, it hit you. Yash says it doesn’t matter who hit her, it is my daughter. Vedani praises her saying that she has achieved what she wanted. Vinnie and all of them appreciate Yash playing Holi. Yash says this is all your plan.

Veda gives the explanation that Khushi is for happiness. Khushi takes colors and tries to put them on Veda saying that I too will do something for happiness but Veda runs away without finding it. Yash runs behind her. At the same time, if Veda is going to fall, he thinks that I will be with you by holding him.

Veda thinks I will be your shadow, I will be a good wife you will like. Yash thinks that you are not only Khushi’s mother but also my wife, you have right over me. The Vedas think that the bond of seven feet is the bond of many births. On the other hand, Suhasini’s couple comes near Chitra.

Suhasini says advance congratulations to the future couple. Suhasini’s husband says, “I have a doubt whether we are married to a woman or married to a man.” Suhasini says for a while on behalf of Chitra and for a while on behalf of Vasant. Khushi comes there thinking on whose behalf am I? Chitra and Vasanth say that you are the one who will marry the two elders.

If everyone is playing happily, Malvika comes there with a revolver. Who does not notice this. Did you see how nicely my sister mesmerized Bavi? Vasant says that is why I am longing for your grace. He says that apart from colors, kisses can also be sprayed.

Meanwhile Vasanth notices Malvika and goes to her angrily. Veda gets confused seeing the revolver in his hand. In the next part, Vasanth pushes Malavika by saying get out. I have become what I am without a husband, I have become a woman even with children. But there is only one way for me, Malavika points the gun at herself saying that I will kill myself.

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