The movement is getting more intense.. Special action plan to prevent child marriage: Assam CM


First Published Mar 16, 2023, 5:51 AM IST

Assam Chief Minister Sharma said that the movement against child marriage should be intensified. Biswa Sharma said that the government should bring a new law and for this the government will implement a new action plan. He spoke about the government’s action plan on child marriage in the Assembly on Wednesday. He also said that criminals will be arrested every six months. Child marriage should be stopped in Assam. According to news agency ANI, CM Sharma has made a sensational announcement that he has two options – remove me from here or stop child marriage.

CM Sharma said, “Our stand is clear that child marriage should be stopped in Assam. They said that they are discussing about bringing a new law against child marriage, and they are thinking of bringing a new law against child marriage by 2026, where the jail term will be increased from two years to 10 years, and they are discussing about it. He said that child marriages should be stopped.

’11-year-old minor girl became mother…’

Chief Minister Sharma said.. “We are not for the victims of the minor girls, but for the criminals. An 11-year-old minor girl became a mother in the state, which is unacceptable. He said that he saw some MLAs speaking in favor of the accused.

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Vishwa Sharma accused the Congress of shedding crocodile tears for minorities and did nothing for them while in power. It is claimed that the Muslim state now has a very peaceful environment. Sharma said his government would crack down on child marriage and other criminal activities, conduct eviction drives from forest areas, and not stop the police from firing in self-defence. He made these comments while replying to the debate on the motion of thanks on the governor’s speech in the state assembly.

He mentioned the ongoing campaign to evacuate people from forest and protected areas. Referring to the eviction program in the state, especially from forest and protected areas, Sharma said that these actions are being taken according to the court orders and laws framed during the Congress regime. While implementing the Congress Act, which exempted tribals from eviction from forest land, this exemption would have to include minority communities or those facing erosion.

Congress should stop shedding crocodile tears – Sharma

He said that they (Congress) should stop shedding crocodile tears for the minorities. Sharma said that Muslims are living in a very peaceful environment in the state and are benefiting from various government schemes. Development programs like construction of roads, educational institutions and congregations are going on vigorously. Linking encroachment to population growth.. “Disposal is not the real problem. Population growth is a real problem, and if we don’t control it, the pressure on the earth will continue to increase,” he said.

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