The new bride shocked the groom by saying that Attarillas are far away!


First Published Mar 19, 2023, 3:19 PM IST

A strange incident happened in Uttar Pradesh. With the consent of the bride and groom, the marriage was solemnized between family members and relatives. As per the customs, the handing over of the bride is done. The new bride was taken to her mother-in-law’s house. Everything is fine. But suddenly the bride shocked the groom in the middle of the way. She received a cry that she would not come to her mother-in-law’s house. The son of the bride left without understanding what was going on. Even the groom’s family members tried to please him but to no avail.

Meanwhile, the police came on patrol and inquired what had happened. The newly slaughtered man was shocked to know the reason for crying. The reason for this is that the plates are away. As the groom and his family members did not listen to the bride, the police sent the bride back to her native village. This news has now gone viral on social media.

The details are as follows..

Vaishnavi, a resident of Banaras, UP, is engaged to Ravi, a resident of Bikaner, Rajasthan. Ravi came from Bikaner on Thursday with his wedding procession. Ravi and Vaishnavis had a court wedding in Banaras. After that, the handover program was also completed. The new bride left for her mother-in-law’s house. The bridegroom along with the groom’s family members traveled to Bikaner in Innao car.

After a journey of about seven hours, they reached Sarsal area of ​​Kanpur. That is… about 400 kilometers traveled. Still 900 kms to travel. The bride got worried after knowing this. Is his mother-in-law’s house so far from his house? Antu was scared. The bride changed her mind. In this order, Doodmata stopped the car near the petrol pump in Sarsal and immediately started crying saying that she will not go there. Even the groom’s family members tried to please him but to no avail. Meanwhile, the personnel of the police response vehicle coming by saw the new bride crying and went to her. After learning about the matter, the police informed the nearest police station.

The police arrived at the scene immediately and asked the bride for details. She said that the marriage took place with the permission of both parties, but she did not know that her house and her mother-in-law’s house would be so far away. She informed the police that she was going to her native village and wanted to annul her marriage.

The police informed the parents of the bride. So they said that the real groom will be in Allahabad and if they are in Rajasthan, they should send their daughter away and cancel the marriage. The police sent the bride back to her native village in Uttar Pradesh. With nothing to do, the groom and his family left for Rajasthan

On this strange incident, ACP Amarnath said that the bride was crying in the Innova car parked on the road. During the investigation, the new bride expressed that she was told that her in-laws were living in Allahabad before the marriage, but they were taking her to Bikaner (Rajasthan). When the police spoke to the girl’s mother, she said that there is no problem if the girl does not go. We don’t want this marriage. After this, by mutual agreement, the girl was sent to her mother in Banaras. The boy was sent to Bikaner. As this incident has gone viral on social media, comments are being made that the seven-foot relationship ended in just 7 hours.

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