The nurse who raped the doctor.. nude photos online

Thiruvananthapuram: A terrible incident has come to light in Karnataka. A 24-year-old nurse sexually assaulted a 28-year-old doctor. After that the doctor uploaded nude photos online. The police explained that this incident took place in December last year in Karnataka.

According to the police, Nisham Babu, a resident of Thrissur district, and the victim worked in the same hospital in Karnataka. At that time, the nurse convinced the doctor that he would find her a new job in a hospital in Coimbatore. He brought her to the hotel. He raped her in that hotel. He took nude photos in his trap.

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After that, he used nude photos as an excuse and sexually harassed him. He used to threaten to upload them on social media if they did not cooperate with him. Realizing that she was in danger with the nurse, she blocked his number. After that, the nurse shared her nude photos on social media. The victim approached the police. Police have registered a case against Nisham Babu. Later, he was arrested.


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