The plane took off with 300 passengers.. After a seven-hour journey, it started again.. ‘It’s enough to come with our lives’

A Japanese domestic flight has put the lives of 300 passengers at risk. The flight from Tokyo to Fukuoka arrived early after a seven-hour journey. The flight took a major U-turn due to technical reasons.

Japan plane brings 300 passengers back to the starting point, after 7 hours long journey kms

First Published Feb 23, 2023, 3:09 PM IST

A domestic plane from Japan showed dots to 300 passengers. There was outrage over the late take-off of the plane. After that the flight took off counting the minutes at a critical time. The flight took about seven hours. But, she came back with a big uturn. All the passengers who got down from it survived. It is noteworthy that we stepped outside with the alarming state that the flight could not have crashed.

Japan Airlines Co flight JL331 was scheduled to depart from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport at 6.30pm (local time) on Sunday. After a two-hour journey, the flight should reach Fukuoka. But, the take off of this flight was delayed by 90 minutes. The plane was changed at the last minute.

Here there is a problem. Commercial planes are not allowed at Fukuoka Airport after 10pm. The flight which was supposed to depart from Haneda at 6.30 was already delayed by 90 minutes and took off at 8. As it is a two hour journey, it is possible to reach Fukuoka at exactly 10 pm. Flight officials have calculated this travel time. It was estimated to land in Fukuoka just four minutes before 10pm. But, those calculations did not work out.

As JL331 approached Fukuoka, the pilots realized the matter. It is understood that we cannot reach Fukuoka within 10 hours. A request for landing was denied. Because of this, the flight had to turn back to Tokyo.

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At first, instead of making the long journey back to Tokyo, the flight was diverted to the nearby city of Kitakyushu. But, there were no buses to handle the 335 passengers. With this, the pilots were instructed to go to Kansai International Airport, which is 450 kilometers away from its destination. Landed at 11 pm. But, even there are not enough buses and accommodation facilities. It took off again on Monday morning. This time she went to Tokyo.

A passenger shared a screenshot of his flight route on Twitter. A statement said that the airline spent 20,000 yen on hotels and taxis for passengers. This plane did not crash.. That’s enough, wrote a passenger.

Last Updated Feb 23, 2023, 3:09 PM IST

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