The song “Komurambhimudo” was taken from the sensational Hollywood film.. Rajamouli revealed the truth..

It is known that the Komurambhimudo song in “RRR” is very addictive. That song was taken from a Hollywood sensational film. It is remarkable that Rajamouli has revealed that recently.

komuram bheemudo song in rrr inspired by sensational hollywood film revealed by rajamouli

First Published Feb 21, 2023, 3:43 PM IST

Now the world is talking about the movie ‘RRR’. After the song “Natu Natu” was nominated for an Oscar, the discussion on this has increased. On the other hand, “RRRR” got more appreciation internationally than in India. Audiences and filmmakers from other countries liked it very much. Due to this, it is remarkable that it has got more craze than “Baahubali”. But the roles of NTR and Ram Charan in the movie are well known. Especially NTR’s song Komuram Bheemudo brought life to the movie and the character.

This song comes in the scene where Rama Raju beats Komuram Bheem. It was a revolutionary song that ignited rebellion in the people. It got a great response. The song not only caused a revolt in the people, but also made the audience sitting in the theater cry. The scenes in which NTR is punished are heart-wrenching. They beat them very hard and make pictures of them. But those scenes are inspired from Hollywood. Rajamouli recently revealed this secret. Rajamouli shared many things in an interview given to an American media.

He likes the scenes where the hero dies in the movies. But he said that he liked the Hollywood sensational movie ‘Braveheart’. It has been revealed that the reason is the hero’s philosophy of fighting for freedom. It was on this occasion that he revealed the truth. Jakkanna mentioned that the song in the scene where Komuram captures Bheem and lashes him with a whip in the film ‘RRRR’ is inspired by the climax of the film ‘Brave Heart’. In the climax of ‘Brave Heart’, the hero (Mel Gibson) is tied up and beaten by the rivals. After watching those scenes, there is no doubt that Rajamouli has taken it easy.

On this occasion, the reason why “RRR” is more popular with the audience of western countries than the Indian audience is also given. In the climax of “RRR”, there is a scene where Ramaraj tells Scott (villain) to kill him and says Bheem, give back the bullet. It got more response from the American audience than the Indian audience. Giving the reason for that, compared to his previous films, Indian audiences were expecting more action in that context, but since it was new to Americans, they watched the film without any expectations. Rajamouli said that’s why they liked it so much.

Responding to the argument that foreign audiences don’t watch Indian movies because the length of Indian movies are long, the fights are unnatural, and the songs disturb the story, he said that he does not agree with that, and that this is true in most movies, but if they are used on occasion, songs play a vital role in moving the story forward. Audiences want miracles to happen in movies. Rajamouli said that in fights, the audience should feel that the hero has to do something unusual, and if he does not create such a feeling, he will feel that he is overacting.

Last Updated Feb 21, 2023, 3:43 PM IST

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