The temperatures will drop in Hyderabad for the next three days.. these are the details..

The sun is beating down in Telangana even before the start of summer. Even in Hyderabad, the intensity of the sun is high. But at such a time, the weather department gave a cold news to the city dwellers. Temperatures will drop in Hyderabad for the next three days. It said that the day temperatures in Hyderabad are likely to drop slightly due to the influence of Western Disturbance. Temperatures are expected to dip below 35 degrees Celsius in the next three days.

And, on Monday, the average maximum temperature in Hyderabad was recorded as 34.6 degrees Celsius. At 8:30 am on Monday, the humidity was recorded at 48 percent. Hyderabad Unit of India Meteorological Department has predicted that the maximum temperature in Hyderabad will be 35 degree Celsius and minimum temperature 19 degree Celsius in the next three days. The weather department said that the sky will remain partly cloudy in the city till Sunday.

Meanwhile, India Meteorological Department has said that some parts of North-East, East, Central and North-West India are likely to experience higher than normal temperatures on Tuesday this summer. It said that most parts of India except North Eastern states, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Coastal Karnataka are likely to witness hot winds during March-May. It is said that rainy conditions are increasing the heat.


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