The whole future belongs to the field of artificial intelligence, and is it worth buying shares in this field and making profits..


First Published Feb 16, 2023, 9:53 PM IST

The era of Artificial Intelligence is currently underway. In this age of technology, man is relying on artificial intelligence. Experts say that there is a bright future for companies doing research in this field. Many companies are already making serious efforts in the field of artificial intelligence. Internationally speaking, Chat GPT has come to the fore to make even Google stand back. Experts say that in a few days even Google company will have to back down from the blow of Chat GPT. But it is remarkable that there is artificial intelligence technology behind it. Many IT companies are already investing heavily in the field of artificial intelligence. Internationally, many companies including Google, Tesla, Microsoft and Oracle are already ready to invest lakhs of crores in the field of artificial intelligence. Accordingly, the income of the respective companies is also increasing massively.

Recently, many companies in India are excelling internationally in the field of artificial intelligence. Language processing, speech recognition, machine vision. Many companies have achieved success in developing AI applications. Experts say that by investing in some AI companies listed in the stock market, you can earn good income.

These are the top 5 listed artificial intelligence companies in India.
1) Tata Electronics Ltd.

Tata Elxsi Ltd. A design and technical support company. System Integration, Support, Software Development, Services are two segments of the company. It does system integration, support segment computing, broadcast, virtual reality, storage, disaster recovery. Apart from India, Infrastructure Technology offers various services for infrastructure management and support abroad.

2) Bosch Ltd.
Bosch Ltd. It provides services in the fields of energy, building technology, consumer goods, industrial technology and mobility solutions. This international company is also listed in the Indian stock market. The company’s divisions include automobiles, consumer durables, and other products.

3) Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd.

Kelton Tech Solutions Limited is an India-headquartered international company that provides services in Enterprise Resource Planning, Digital Transformation, and other Information Technology sectors.

4) Happiest Minds Technologies Limited.
Happiest Minds Technologies Ltd. is an Information Technology (IT) Consulting, Services Provider. It is in India. Infrastructure Management & Security Services (IMSS), Digital Business Solutions (DBS), , Product Engineering Services (PES) are among the company’s segments.

5) Zensar Technologies Limited.
Zensar Technologies Ltd. Providing services in electronic and technical sector. Offering a variety of Information Technology (IT) solutions and services. Digital, Application Services (DAS) and Digital Foundation Services are two Operating Divisions (DFS) of this company.

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